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  1. There's this AMAZING effect listed in Anneman's book, which can actually make the audience marvel at my 'skill' and my 'magic'. But there's a slight snag...
    Is there a way to have multiple choices and have the spectator choose a single one, without forcing?
    Think all slips containing the same choice whatever anyone picks out, choice will remain same.
    Or...think a bag switch or something.
    Anyways, can someone help me and say a good solution of the question I asked above?

    PS:-I'd welcome PMs very much, seeing this principle requires some talking to do, which may be counted as discussing 'secrets' in public. :)
    But if anyone points out to me a resource instead, I'd be equally helped out :)
  2. Sent you a PM because my response borders on revealing a method lol
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  3. Technically what you're describing is forcing. I'm sure Obrien took care of you, though.
  4. Maybe I wasn't clear enough...I should have mentioned this before but anyways...
    the effect I am indicating at is 'The Phantom Artist" on pg 100 of Anneman's book.
  5. I'm familiar with it. You're still describing a force.

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