Annihilation | Cameron Francis


Jan 11, 2008
Annihilation by Cameron Francis

Card Magic | Easy| .PDF | 13 Pages Long |

"A killer prediction effect!"

As explained above, you get a 13 page .pdf explaining 'Anniliation', which was based on another one of Cameron's effect.

The effect is as follows: The magician states that a prediction was made earlier in the deck. A card is FREELY selected by the spectator and placed face-down, but is not seen by the magician, nor the spectator. The magician runs through the deck and removes two playing cards that will tell him what the selected playing card may be. But as the magician states what the card may be, the card is turned over and it seems experiment has failed...until, the two playing cards are turned over and correctly states the selected card; one card bearing the value, the other the symbol.

Cameron simply breaks down all the required steps; from prepping the deck, to performing the effect. and to resetting the effect. Yes, you will have to donate a deck to perform 'Annihilation', but IT IS WORTH IT!

Everything is easy to follow along and understandable; leaving you with no questions asked.

The effect uses a basic 'method' in magic, but Cameron here, really stepped it up a notch.

The effect is a powerful little gem that will have your spectators questioning their religion, ok, maybe not, but it will have them thinking, "What the ...."-I am personally a fan of 'prediction effects', as well.

Do I see myself using this, though? Heck yes, it's simple, direct and powerful in the eyes of the spectators. Also, the handling is so smooth and everything is super fair and clean...the deck is also shown as clean as a whistle!

Not really difficulty at all! Within a few hours of practice, you should have this down in no time.

Cameron also decided to add his-Red Hot Annihilation!

The breakdown: The magician introduces a blue backed deck of cards. He spreads through it and shows that there are two red backed cards in the deck. He explains that these are prediction cards which he'll get back to later. A blue backed card is freely chosen, say the Ace of Diamonds. The magician then removes the two red backed card from the deck. Drawn on the back of one card is an A! On the back of the other is a Diamond!

Now if that doesn't sound wicked to you, then you're a little crazy!

The great advantage here is as Cameron states, "the fact that you openly show the prediction cards before the trick begins."

2 thumbs up from me, Cameron!
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