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  1. After receiving dozens of inquiries and submissions about launching the Cardistry Collaboration Contest 2011, we finally gave in and decided to make it happen. I want to personally thank everyone for entering and showing us your hard work and effort. Our team extensively reviewed all the submissions and we're finally ready to share the results!

    Before we announce the official winners, we want to highlight some videos that stood out and caught our attention. They are as follows; Sherman and Terence (post #51), Jex Lee (post #52), Paul RobaiaJack, Hernstadt, and Hector Garcia's (post #63), lestarlight (post #66), Rizky Laganda, Adi Eka Putra, and Abie Jie Assegaff (post #81), Austin and Chad (post #84) awesome concept! Finally, last but not least - Krzysztof Kowalski (another great concept post #85). You guys did great and deserve recognition!

    Tonight however, there can only be one team to come out on top. With that said, the winners of the Cardistry Collaboration Contest 2011 are JorTorBALL, Terry Lu, and A-Supoj (post #75). You guys did great! What we liked best about this video is the focus on the Cardistry and the raw skill. Please join us in a round of applause, they did great. You guys deserve it, keep pursuing your passion and your dreams. The super duper awesome trophy is yours, you earned it! Keep rocking!

    Thank you once again to everyone who participated, it takes a lot of courage and effort to stand in the spotlight but as Jonathan Bayme so eloquently put, it's better to make signal than to make noise. You guys definitely made a signal and are all winners in our book, please take this challenge as a learning experience to further your knowledge and skill of this passion we all share and love.

  2. Congratz...
  3. Congratulations! The music we provided this year was admittedly challenging. It was short, it was fast, and it demanded some intense cardistry. Within the confines of one minute, you had to demonstrate some serious chops. And you guys rose to that challenge. Congratulations to our winners, and to everyone that participated this year. The trophy is in good hands, and I trust you guys will take good care of it!
  4. Congrats guys! You 3 definitely deserved the prize this year. We saw great cardistry, the video was nicely put together, and all of it was easy to see! I loved watching the video, and I can see a lot of hard work was put into making it. Once again, congrats on the win! :)
  5. You guys deserved the win. Really great and fun video! Nice job! :)
  6. congratulations to everyone, but that winning video was definitely a stand out! :D
  7. Thank you so much to everyone who made this contest happen.

    especially CaseyRudd, Andrei, Jonathan Bayme

    very appreciate

    Terry Lu
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    Dear CCC2011 committee,

    Thank you for your kindness. We are very proud to receive this award.
    We are glad you liked this work. Thank you for all comments.

    Best regards,

  9. Thank you for All Comments

    Thank you so much for Theory11

    Best Regards

  10. Congratulations, great skillz and editing :)
  11. Good job guys. Looked awesome.

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