Another Art lover

Dec 31, 2011
Hello theory 11, my name is Mihael, i am from Zagreb, i am 21 year old.
My interests are Card magic, coin magic, and flourishing.
I started about 4 years ago practicing simple routines and it became part of my everyday life. At first i was solo, but then, year after me, my best friend started practicing flourishes with me. Now we are both 100% into it =).

I am student at Polytechnic of Zagreb, i study informatic design and computer programming. My main occupation is web development and video editing and i am willing to help any member of this community with my knowledge.

During summer time, i am trying to entertain citizens of Zagreb with some street magic.
I am open for any sort of social interaction, especially with people from my near by.

People that inspire me would be:
Andrei Jikh, Dan and Dave Buck, Daniel Madison, Chris Orbit brown, Aron Fisher, Calen Morelli, Patrik Kun, etc.

That would be, in shortly, about me. I am looking forward to share creativity and art with all of you,
Sincerely, Mihael Nikić
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