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Do you like them and/or think Theory11 will accept this design?

  1. I like them, but DON'T think Theory11 will accept them.

    20 vote(s)
  2. I like them, and I DO think Theory11 will accept them

    4 vote(s)
  3. I don't like them. They suck.

    24 vote(s)
  4. Others (please state)

    2 vote(s)
  1. After a few painstaking, knuckle-cracking, finger-busting hours of work, I have created a card back design! Hope you like them!

    PS Please understand I am a complete noob at photoshop, so if you think it sucks, that's the only reason. Beat it :D

    PPS I have taken some elements from Bicycle and Tally Ho playing cards. Quite sure this is legal, and Ellus... I mean EDITED;) uses the backs but just plays with the colours and sells them as their own, so beat it again :D

    Elements: Twin Back Card back design

    Did you see the one way marking?

    One Way Marking Revealed: - Elements/Carddesign4onewaymarkcircled.jpg

    Raw Drawing of Tuck Box and Jokers: Card Design - Elements/Photo6.jpg

    Comment and Criticism will be greatly appreciated.
  2. There two much like regular bikes.

  3. Pretty cool. Looks like a hybrid of bikes and tally's. Not very unique thou, bit still looks great
  4. Way too much like regular bikes. I think most people would favor a design from scratch. Keep up the work though.
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    It's way too obvious that you took the patterns from regular bikes, pasted some other random design over top of it (and not very well I might add) and flipped a few of the patterns. I really like the spade though and I think that if you worked the border designs to be... well... less bicyclish and make them fit the style of the spade more, then I think you've got something good.
  6. Dont be to disheartened by the negative critique. Your idea concept for the central ace has real merit.

    I'd recommened ditching photoshop though and switching to Illustrator though, clean vector lines are easier to handle and look better.
  7. Too much like Centurions. Sorry.
  8. this deck is so appealing
  9. in all honesty, no. they just look like modified bicycles.
  10. Tjhey do look like bikes but here is the thing. I take a cartooning class in school and we are learning about copyrights. Basically, any idea is your own as long as you make a 10% change to the original design. For example all you have to do is change regular bikes ny 10% and then it is fine for you to use.

    Dylan P.
  11. Why would theory11 start printing these cards? They could hire a lot of professional artists and graphic designers to make ALL NEW back designs, not just a poorly modified Bicycle back.
  12. Well, I suggest you start of pencil drawing instead of using a computer, because it easier to draw what you want, and all the imperfections can be fixed when actually put on the computer. Personally, I don't like the design that much, but you made me what to put up my card designs.......maybe I will.
  13. If you really want a custom deck, get a custom company to print them for you. Then if they get popular maybe theory11 will print a 2nd edition.
    But I doubt it :D
  14. Hi guys, do people post up card designs regularly here? Thats why I've joined T11, to get some design inspiration and get some feedback on my own designs.
  15. Thank you for all the valuable advise, guys. I will take your comments and improve my design. The major change will be the borders.

    Thank you very much, QuadMachine. I will try and get Illustrator, though I will have to wait for a while for my wallet to fill up again :) Question: Is it quite easy to master and is it similar to Photoshop? THANKS!
  16. Illustrator is the perfect compliment to photoshop, although its quite different in use. Its not hard to get the hang of. If you can use the photoshop pen tool with confidence then you'll be quite at home in Illustrator.

    Illustrator can handle bitmap, but is a vector program at heart, outputting vector to print ready PDF and InDesign, which are the standard formats for print work. If your ever to get your cards printed professionaly these are the formats you need to hit. I work in both Photoshop and Illustrator, then I bring finished work into InDesign , and then from there output to PDF (using-pass for-press).

    If you cant get a hold of illustrator then Freehand would make a good alternative. I've never used it, but I've heard great things about it. If moneys really really tight you could probably pick up an old copy of Corel Draw online, although its not supported industry wide so best as a last resort.
  17. i think they are nice. will most probably get them if they are out

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