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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by junkbox, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. I have seen quite a few posts about tricks in Justin Flom's Block Party videos, and while watching the video I saw one I was quite interested in. It looks like Flow by Dan Hauss, but he can poor out the liquid and stop on command. Does anybody know if this version of the trick is available anywhere?

    It can be seen at at 6:48 in this video:
  2. If you know the method you can make your own... SCIENCE!!
  3. Ooohhhh. I think I have an idea now. I can't believe that method never came to mind in the first place. Thanks Bizzaro.
  4. I have flow and i can't seem to figure this out either if somebody can point me in the direction that would be much appreciated. Also he does a trick in his new Block Party video. Where he pours water into a coke bottle then it changes to coke i saw it long ago and forgot about it i never realized how powerful it could be and how next level visual it is. Where do i find the things needed for this or is there a release by a magician.

  5. Jim Steinmeyer.

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