Another Split Spade Lions Review

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  1. Ive had a chance to review these now and here is some more info.

    Ive gotten the bee split spades and like the cambric finish and i liked them alot, However these are not a review of them, but i will post some differences:
    -the bee stock split spades of course had bee stock with cambric finish
    -had a certain deck order
    -different promo cards
    -were only available in black or inverted black.
    -were definately one way.
    -had custom court cards

    The first thing i noticed when i opened up the the lions box, were the jokers, which are pretty sweet. then after playing around with them i noticed they were dusty, like cardboard dust. There are also more custom court cards than the regular split spades. Also there are quotes on the tab. The ace of spades has some neat reveals, plus there is also the queen of spades reveal.

    the new lions are different depending on which color you get. blues and reds have a promo card with the design on the front of the box, the blacks have a double backer. the backs of the reds are inverted from the blue and black. blue have a different deck order than black and red.

    also i dont know if they are one way or not. if someone can ask stutzman, it would be apreciated.

    these cards fan well and handle well too. they are worth the purchase, especially since they are available in colors. gonna see about making the color burn gimmick. dont know if the visualness of it will be affected by it being inverted. :confused: Anyway these cards are not junk and work really well, worth the purchase, and i would like to thank theory11 for the unique opportunity to get some of these early.

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