Another way to buy tricks?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by James Wise Magic, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. hey I don't know about you guys but I would like another way to buy tricks and stuff on here.

    We no longer have any credit cards because we don't have any money at all. And if we do, it's a little bit of cash. The economy. :(

    But I would REALLY like to buy some tricks.
    I haven't learned anything new since Believe was released.

    idk, does anyone know any ideas to help me out?
  2. Get a loan?
  3. Yes the economy is VERY bad. However with a little hard work you can make some money and buy a prepaid VISA CC. Then you are all set!

  4. Those are what I use.

    Also, try looking for a local shop in your area. Good luck man. Its true... Times are tough....

  5. You can pay with a certified check or money can bring in the amount to a bank, and for a small fee (usually less than $ may be a percentage of the amount you're asking for, I don't know as I don't work at a bank, and banks probably differ on how they operate) they will give you a slip of paper that is the equivalent of money. Most places (E, T11, other magic sites, pretty much any type of site) accept that form of payment. You just mail it in and you're all set.

    I suggest sending in a help ticket listing all of the items you would like to purchase, along with the type of shipping you would like. The help staff is extremely nice and helpful, and they'll walk you through the entire ordering process.

    That's how I ordered my first shipment from here (a brick each of first edition Smoke and Mirrors--right before they sold out), and it went over well. As soon as they agree to your order, they hold those items until they get your money and they'll send them at that time. Note that even if they sell out of the items you ordered (AFTER you order them), you'll still get your items because they hold onto them for you (they sold out of Smoke and Mirrors a few hours after I confirmed my order with them). This excludes special release window products, though, of course (in that case, just get someone to buy them for you--borrow someone's credit card or something. Either way, it's not life or still get to order everything else from the site without a credit card).

    So yeah, I think they're doing just fine with their payment options. I hope that helps! :)

    Edit: Note that if you're referring to how to afford the tricks...I can't help ya there. Maybe pick up an extra job, if possible? Put those magical skills to good use and do some busking? I'm not sure, but good luck! :)
  6. Buying new trick after new trick isn't only bad on the wallet. but it's bad for magic. invest in a book. They have multiple tricks for the same, if not cheaper than,. any DVD on here.
  7. In the meantime (namely, the bad economy time) why not go through the material you already have? I'm sure you have some books with effects you haven't tried out yet. Try something new.
  8. Ya, same here man. I hate the economy crash (well its not a crash but we're nearly there). I asked to buy the Push Through Shuffle and my mom said it was too much. Sigh... i need to get a job. I hope Obama will fix it though.
  9. you should have a lot of money
    bc you save hair cut money and water bill
  10. Get a prepaid visa. I get them and I put $100 on each card I get. The only thing is that they are not re-loadable and a new card costs 5 bucks which I say is bs. But that is the best route imo. Also if you are old enough you could give blood plasma. Idk how much they are giving now for it. I am not old enough to do it though. Hope this helps.
  11. ok seriously what is your problem??? I remember you from youtube.

    who cares if I have long hair??? MILLIONS OF GUYS HAVE LONG HAIR!!!

    And dude, you don't know me, I take a shower everyday!
  12. Buy a classic book for about $15 at a local bookshop. The Art of Magic, or Buckley, or Hugard. You get lots of good material rather than a $30 trick plus shipping, your pocket saves a bit, and you're busy learning for a long time.

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