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  1. so ive been looking around for a whole bunch of magic to conquer and anthology caught my eye. Ive always been a fan of daniel madison and i was wondering a few things
    1-Are there any copies left?
    2-to any of you who have it is it worth the money? (in your opinion)

    all answers are appreciated ;o
  2. I only have his One and Three notes, but I'd have to say a book with all his work would be well worth it. In the notes I have, he gives you some killer tricks and some very interesting sleights.
  3. I have Inside which is a cut back version of anthology as I am aware. Inside is brilliant so I would recommend Anthology. He has some great stuff.

    Buy the book from his website!!
  4. I have a two copy's and its one of my favourite books i have ever purchased i use them all the time. theres some many ideas in there that i always find something new. its written in a style that has no patter or scripting but i really like that. I would also go for the full anthology rather than the trimmed copy as its the little off hand ideas that are sometimes the most fun to explore
    hope thats kind of helpful
  5. I do not know if he has any physical copies left though I am pretty sure you can get the DL all his other PDFs.

    He took a swing a few years back and started getting back to his origins(ie. stuff that could be used at a card table) and Anthology pretty much covers most of his work in magic. So you wont get his work on deck switching, mucking and cheating at cards, but you will get the bulk of his work that is geared towards a magician.

    I think it is a great deal whether you get the DL just for the information, or the physical book(if any are left.) The book is gorgeous and the content is outstanding.
  6. so if i buy the pdf version can i put it on a flash drive for safe keeping and whatnot? also if i cant do that will the download always be available for me incase my computer bites the dust (ect)?
  7. I am pretty sure that Daniel Madison uses e-Junkie (at least he did in the past). He gave it a download limit (5 in the past) and a time frame (120 hours).

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