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    I have been a huge fan of DM for a very long time now. I bought Inside and loved it. I noticed it had some effects left out of it that were in his PDF downloads and didn't want to spend money rebuying all of them. Well, Anthology came out incredibly soon after I bought Inside and it had ALL of his effects in there. Well, that was some time ago. Two days ago, I decided it was time to buy Anthology, the 466 page book that contains the genius of Daniel Madison.

    What you get: There are two versions: The printed book and the PDF version. I bought the printed version and didn't notice that you get the PDF version of Anthology, all 19 of his original PDF downloads, and the PDF version of Inside. All that for $75. Oh, and the printed copy of Anthology is signed.

    The contents of Anthology:
    Lecture notes 1-4
    Thoughts of a Madman
    Deceptions V1
    Deceptions V2

    I'll post some of my favorite effects from the book. If I reviewed a lot of them, I'd be sitting here for a long long time because the book is massive.

    The Raining Force(aka the CAAN force) - This is brilliant. If you want to perform a CAAN effect without gimmicks and intense manipulation, this is for you.
    Angle Zero - You all know and probably love this.
    Overkill ACAAN Switch - Cards are dealt into the performers open hand until the spec feels the need to stop. The last card dealt is flipped over. It's the predicted card. Need I say more?
    Psych Forces - What else is there to say?
    Rush - A deck is visually pushed thru a card box....CARD BY CARD. But wait. The signed selection passed thru the card box and is resting underneath it.
    The Pariah - Holy ****. Imagine knowing INSTANTLY any selected card or thought of word. Or producing a signed selection from ANYWHERE.
    Vanishing Burn - The performer is able to cause burns from a random card to jump to a selected card.
    Vantage - Have any decks that have that plastic window at the bottom half of the card box? Go get it. Get ready for a color change that happens inside the box.
    Enemy - Selected card is placed overlapping the deck. The card is turned over to reveal it has /vanished/switched/
    Irreversible - The invisible deck the performer never touches, can be handled by spectators, and used as a normal deck. Yeah, read that again.
    Irreversible 'Tu - Impromptu ID. Holy hell.
    EI8HT2WO SE7ENTHR33 - If someone performed this to me and I didn't know the method, I would **** my pants.
    Cut - Force any card on a spectator without ever touching the deck. By now you should be wanting this book.
    The Devil's Touch - Predict anything. Did I mention the prediction is on the table the entire time? Or it can be in an envelope. Mentalists should be foaming at the mouth right now.
    Breach - This mofo invented a signed card thru glass table that can be performed surrounded as it's ******* angle proof, has instant setup and repeat, is completely examinable before and after, and happens at the performers command. And it works with any signed card and any deck.
    Tokyo Smile - Imagine changing one four of a kind into another...with one hand.
    Spinal Cut - Method to cutting to a card in a deck just shuffled by a spectator.
    The Final Cut - Mentalists approach to a spectator choosing their card from any of the four piles of cards on the table.
    Wrath - Card is signed and lost in the deck. The deck is put into the box and the corner of the box is burned. The selected card restores its burnt corner.
    Cure - Signed card is very cleanly ripped into fourths. The pieces are rubbed together and instantly handed out to be examined. You end clean.
    Gauntlet - This is THE HOLY GRAIL of sandwich effects.

    You'll learn all of these and a LOT more. But the greatest thing you'll get out of DM's most insane work to date is his theory. You'll also learn there is no method to his madness. There's just madness.I think Daniel is the most conflicted man on the planet. I respect that guy so much. I've always thought about how and why we create and perform magic. After reading his theories, I've rethought every single piece of magic I've created. I know I had some stuff created I thought was brilliant until I read Deceptions Volume 2.

    Daniel Madison has created the greatest magic book I've ever bought. I love Anthology. If the effects I described didn't win you over, then I don't know what will. There's no way in hell I could have reviewed the whole book. It's almost 500 pages. When I bought Inside, it blew my mind. I knew half the material that was going to be in Anthology when I bought it. It blows my mind every time I read it. I will whole heartedly give this book a 10/10. I remember on Dangerous, one woman called him Criss Angel. He replied, Criss who? That's right. Daniel Madison is in the house.
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  2. Thanks for the run down! Im a fan of his work so it looks like Imma have to look into this!
  3. Most def. D+M work is always outstnading. I would recommend using his effect called "scripture" it is one hell of a trick. I recently tweaked it to my own version and it hasnt let me down yet.
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    What Himself is talking about is called Fine Scripture. Basically this: a card is chosen and the corner torn off as a souvenir. You hand a sharpie to the spectator to sign their name on their card and when they do, not only do they find that the sharpie doesn't write, the card changed to a joker. You tell them you think you know what happened, and to open up the sharpie. They do, and inside is a card with a corner missing. It matches their corner.

    Re-Edit: Second time to edit this. Based on the advertisement, Scripture was released in 2006 as Fine Scripture. They are the same effect, I think. The book is huge so I haven't got to look at all of it.
  5. Great review! Glad I am not the only one who LOVES this book.

    I am doing a review for it as well sometime soon. FAVORITE book on card magic.
  6. Same here. I do imagine he'd be pissed we're giving it this much attention though. His journals throughout Deceptions blew my mind. I've got a DVD coming out soon with a new underground company. I'm pretty sure you'll love the signed card thru glass table I came up with that's going to be on there. Of course, DM inspired it. That guy makes me think about magic so much.
  7. Hi.

    Can I know what is with all effects ? is there just a text explanation or does it contains pictures and close ups too ?

    Just to be sure :) (Because of my english I sometime get confused about some details so pictures helps a lot! )

    Anyway can't wait to buy this book.
  8. Good luck buying it. He doesn't sell it anymore. And if you manage to find a copy on ebay or something, there are pictures and close ups in the book. Tons of them.
  9. What are you talking about? You can buy it here:
  10. He told everyone on FB that all his copies were gone.
  11. Love the last line in your review :)
    And when I read about EI8HT2WO SE7ENTHR33, all I could do was think what it would feel like to have Daniel Madison's brain capacity.
  12. Dude...if you knew how it was done, you would realize how much of an understatement that is. I literally cannot comprehend how the **** he figured all that sh*t out. It is so crazy. I recommend that trick so much.

    I contacted him and he still had 5 left.

    I just bought one !
  14. Is it easy to read as English is my second language.I mean are the words and language used simple.
  15. I just send n email to ask whether they r still selling
  16. Yup, that's the one. It's been enticing me for quite a while now, but it is pretty expensive for just one book.
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