Anti Faro variation?

Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by mmasque, Mar 6, 2016.

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  1. I have recently given up on learning the Anti Faro by Christian Engblom. But after a week of so of messing around I came up with a variation of the move. I can't tell if it is easier or harder than the original Anti Faro, I just know that it can be used to split the deck perfectly as well. For now I can only get about half the deck to separate though. My question is:
    Could my variation of the Anti Faro be released on the Marketplace( The Wire ) once I perfect it?
  2. Probably not.
  3. Got any footage?
  4. Honestly. I'd make the tutorial anyway and give it a go.
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  5. That's the spirit...
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  6. 1. If you are going to teach a variation, you need permission from the original artist.
    2. Your variation needs to be very significant. A small variation likely does not meet the creativity or originality requirements of The Marketplace. You need to have actually created something legitimate, not just stumbled onto a new idea based on someone else's work.
    3. If your idea is only a few weeks old, chances are you have not yet refined it well enough for to be approved. Don't be in a rush to try to release it. Improve, refine, test, rinse, repeat. Give your idea the time it needs to grow into something special. Rushing a new idea into The Marketplace without refinement is one of the biggest mistakes we see.

    Good luck!

    // L
  7. Thank you everyone for your help and tips regarding the Anti Faro variation.
    I will try and perfect my technique and see if it grows into something that is completely original.
    As soon as I have some footage I'll share it here so you can have a better idea of the move.
    Thanks again for your help,(and I know it has been a while, but the new website is awesome).
  8. I second that!
  9. Hey everyone! Here is some footage of my variation on the Anti Faro.
    Your great tips and information made me realize this technique might not be the best idea for The Marketplace, but I still wanted to share it with anyone interested:
  10. Looks like one handed anti faro by Jared crespel but slightly changed
  11. No thread bumping, please! This thread has been inactive for over 3 years. If you want to discuss this topic, feel free to start a new thread.

    // L
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