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  1. Hi guys,

    Apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere but is there a sub-forum for people who are willing to sell back to the others in the community "off the run" items that are sold out now? Does Theory11 ever re-make some popular items from the past? I ask because I found out about this company way too late and am looking at some of the gear they've released in the past and its amazing! I would love to have the Antique Spade Latern and have been looking around to get it secondhand or used to no luck. Would appreciate everyones thoughts on this.
  2. We should have these back in stock soon! Just a supply issue caused by all the recent madness.

    // L
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  3. Wow that is just awesome Lyle! Thanks for the prompt reply here! Will we get an email notification on it per usual or is there a way we can get notified for that product (like a lot of sites have a "Notify me when this is back in stock" type of thing)? Just do not want to miss it this time.
  4. I just enabled re-stock notifications for that product - Head to that page while signed in. You can then click on the notification button to get an email when they are back in!

    // L
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  5. Lyle you’re the man, thank you brother!!

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