Any Bio Info about Micheal Maxwell?

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  1. He was introducing a lot of teaching dvds
    but never knew about the man himself
  2. Heres what I found after a quick search on google. Just seems like another magician/creator.

    Google him yourself and see what else you can find.
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    He's the guy behind A-1 MagicalMedia production company. There are lots of good/classic DVDs that his company produced ( e.g, David Roth, Darwin Ortiz and Lennart Green ). He also publishes and write books about other magicians including the Classic Magic of Larry Jennings

    No idea about the magic of the guy himself. His DVDs teach basic beginner material, except the one of bars which varies from classic beginner stuff to material published in magazine, to his own stuff (at least the ones I recognizee from the list ).

    I think youtube has trailers.

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