any good color change for the ending of Prismdeck?

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  1. I was working on prism deck and I noticed the change that joshua taught me was not able to perform it surrounded.
    any good ideas?
  2. Though I don't have prism, the classic erdnase change is practically 100% angle proof and looks really nice when done well. It's a free download here on theory11.
  3. I believe i've seen Andi Gladwin use Clipshift when he performed it once. Another good change which i use is Dave Forrest's Clip Change. You can find it in his Trickery DVD set and his Quickfire Booklet. Anothe good one would be Tony Chang's Be Kind Change which is found right here on T11 (i don't know if this is angle proof or not as i don't own it)
  4. i would just do a quick one card pass
  5. The Be Kind Change is pretty angle sensitive, IMO. It's passable but not something I would perform for large crowds.

    A classic pass or sort of a Pugh's pass? I wouldn't use a one-card pass as something deceptive and visual. Though you've got some variations that definitely work like the coffin change/ego change, a classic pass with one card shouldn't be something you want to draw attention to like you would with a color change.
  6. Not a classic pass but a Herman pass
  7. thanks everyone I will just go with the hermanpass

    thanks a lot for reccomendations.

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