Any guide to learn this Chris Ramsay trick?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by sdw123, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. Performance - (Around 8:30 )

    Basically audience says they hear something in their own head. Is he using some kind of bone conductive tool or ...?
  2. I can't remember the name but I do remember it being $1000+ to get it and I believe the company that sells it was out of stock. Also, I'm not sure what "IT" is. Sorry, I know that isn't much help.
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  3. Thanks mate. Your guide really helped to find the product. It's $1,250.00 :(
  4. What is the name of that product?
  5. I think Ramsay's gotten too used to performing for his channel. That was not the reaction I would expect from what happened.

    There's ParaWav, and Cerebro or Cerebrus I'm not sure. Both are over $1,000.

    I'm guessing Ramsay isn't using either of those, though. After extensive research the last time I looked into these I think it's more Alien oriented.
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  6. I also think that news casters are a terrible audience. Their responses always feel canned. I actually think that her reaction is better than most newscasters here.
  7. I think a lot of times that comes from performers not being able to adjust to the environment. I didn't watch the whole video, admittedly. What I did see was someone performing like he was at a party (his main performance style), looking for the energy of the crowd to bolster the effect.

    There is no crowd here.

    The routine the OP is specifying requires other people to react to it to make it "big". You can see the host looking around to the crew - she's trying to gauge from their reactions how she should be reacting.

    Also - he did a card trick. Come on. The ability to make someone hear a voice inside their own head, and he decided he would use that ... to reveal a card. So what happens there is that she has a bit of a reaction when she hears, but then he has to trample all over that reaction by asking, "Did you hear something?" "What did it say?" "Is that the card you were thinking of?" ... By having to ask those questions he kills the potential reaction because he has to take it from an emotional response to a logical one. This, again, comes from trying to perform a "party" effect in an environment that is more like a stage performance.

    When I say that magic and mentalism have different theatrical goals - this is a good example of someone not understanding that. He didn't take into account the setting and volunteer and how that pertains to the theatrical delivery of the routine he's performing. Because of that lack of theatrical consideration, it kind of panned.
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  8. The device is produced by pro mystic.

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