Any help on buying the right cards?

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  1. Hey,

    I need so help buying a couple of decks. I'm only going to buy two decks, so what are your advice. I'm a beginner in card trick so I want two really good decks. so help me out. your opinion will be helpful.
  2. Noooo you dont want really good decks if your a beginner. You need to buy a few Bike decks or bee decks and just get stuff down. Once you have a good amount of handling down then move into better decks.

    Being a beginner you are going to ruin alot of decks practicing.
  3. I recommend visiting your local Sam's Club or Cost Co. I get my cards from sam's club because you can buy a brick (12 decks) plus an extra deck included of bicycle cards for 14 dollars. That way you have plenty of decks and can perform tricks involving tearing and signing cards.

    I also recommend Tally Ho's.
  4. okay, if you're just starting out with card tricks, then my advice is to get used to a standard deck of bikes. you want to make sure that you can handle them nicely before moving on to a nice deck. a custom deck of cards is simply a tool used to compliment your grace with a pack of cards. i say you should wait a little bit longer. but, if you're really itching for a custom deck, i'll suggest the Guardians and the Stingers. they both look great, and and handle like gems.

    PS-I'd also suggest the Centurions and Propaganda
  5. Well my opinion is to get bicycle. I have been doing card magic for 10 years and they are still my favorite. they are easy to come by and the cheapest. Some of the other decks sold on websites are great for collectors but I haven't found any better than bicycles for me. but that is just me
  6. I am a beginner in magic. (6 months) I use nomal bike deck and i found them really good.
  7. The ultimate deck for anyone would be one that is borrowed
  8. i second that. :D

    anyway since you're only starting out, the normal bikes are the right ones for you, they're cheap, nice and in case you lose your interest in card magic, you wouldn't regret spending a couple for expensive decks that you wouldn't use in the long run. :rolleyes:

    and if you manage to keep the interest and become an adept, familiarize yourself with card finishes. This would help you determine what kind of deck is good for you and your hands. Generally, there are (i think) three common card finishes. (you could see what is the finish type of a deck by looking at the side of the deck box, they don't put those card finish labels for nothing you know.) :D
    The first is air-cushion, this is the same finish used in the normal bikes, guardians, etc. Second, cambric finish, this one is commonly used on casino "themed" decks such as bee playing cards. I think, the cambric finish is a bit thicker than the air cushion. The third, Linoid, this one is used in tally-ho decks and the split spades (the one endorsed/created? not sure, by david blaine). these decks are thinner and feels a bit larger than the common bikes or it's just me.

    other things are also needed to be considered, like what type of magic are performing (stage, street, or plainly just for your friends and stuff).

    i hope this helped you.
  9. Please dont get the idea that custom decks are for advanced card workers. Cards are cards, they have no reflection on skill. Try whatever cards you think you would like. The only way to know is to try different ones. Bicycles and Tally Ho's are cheap but feel great. All the custom decks on here are pretty nice, my favorites are split spades. Just try every deck you can
  10. I stick with standard bikes from wal mart. or wherever.

    if they die too soon, then they go into my dead card drawer for ripping.
  11. Listen to cedwards, he's just said the most important thing on this thread ;)

  12. Any help buying the right cards?


    Thanks guys for the input.

  13. Why all theory11 decks?

    Just stick with bikes. All card gimmicks are in standard rider backs anyways. Also pick a color and stick with it. Don't have a gaff deck for blue then have a invisable deck for red.

    When (or if) you learn XCM or florishes get good with bikes and then buy any custom deck you want

    Also the face of black cards chip easily so if you want them, keep them in good condition.
  14. just for clarity. i'm just saying you don't want to regret spending a couple of bucks on something that you wouldn't use right? it's just purely for economical reasons.

  15. Use Bicycle riderbacks.
    Keep in mind custom decks aren't bad, infact their great, noone will think they are gimmicked if you give them out for examination.
    But if you're starting and you throw all this money, and effort, into somthing you might not love.
    Use bikes for atleast 5 months, until you get comfortable with the decks, and know how to handle.
    Then get some Tally'Hos.
    If you really like custom decks, after the THs go and search up CardsRfun on UTUBE to see exotic cards and reviews.
    Cards are just 3-plays of presurised cardboard with sludge, one piece of cardboard is almost the same as the other.
    Almost, so go buy some Bikes.
  16. why thank you good sir
  17. I suggest going to Costco and buying the brick of them (6 red 6 blue) for like $13. AMAZING deal, and it's 12 really nice quality decks. Doesn't get much better than that.
  18. This is EXTREMELY true, listen to this guy right here! If you went on youtube and seen peoples deck collections of all these custom cards and then you watch their performance videos, they are usually terrible. Then the extremely good card manipulators and using.. hmm.. regular Rider Back Bike's. Or Arcos, Alladins, etc. But still, regular cards, nothing fancy..

    It's your skill that shows your skill, not your cards.

    I wish you the best in beginning magic, welcome to a great world.

  19. "Cards are just 3-plays of presurised cardboard with sludge, one piece of cardboard is almost the same as the other."
    I think Ozzyschach had a point.

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