Any ideas for a magic blog.

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  1. I'm a magician who's started a blog about magicians and entertainers, and I'm curious what you magicians would like to see. I've made three so far about things you should not say to a magician, how much a magician charges, and the rules of magic but am stuck on other ideas of what I could do.
  2. Essentials?
    Gimmicks, tricks, routines, slights, products, etc.
  3. Is this geared towards magicians or general audience?
  4. this is geared towards magicians as early adopters, but laymen, as the prime audience. so I want it to be informative for any questions laymen may have, but also useful for magicians, even if that does mean they are just relating their personal experience.
  5. Might include something like that, it's not a bad idea
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  6. So you want to write a blog for laymen, about magic. You're three articles in and have run out of ideas.

    My first piece of advice: Get a backlog built up. If you bust your backside now to write up a bunch of posts, you can store them and release them slowly on your schedule. Web cartoonists and YouTube folks do this all the time. It's a good way to coast through times when you're low on ideas.

    Second piece of advice: If you're writing for laymen, ask them what they'd like to read about. Asking here will get you what magicians want to read about, which rarely really overlaps with what laymen want to read.

    Some suggestions for content -
    People like to be let "behind the scenes" of creative folks' work. Things like how you build a new routine, from the idea to getting it stage ready, how it can get tweaked afterward, so on.

    Things laymen wouldn't think about on the magician's side. Like how we have to set up a rehearsal space, how much time we might spend perfecting a single aspect of a routine, where we sources various ideas for routines, etc.

    Unexpected trivia regarding magic history. People love the story of Houdin and the Algerians, for example. I've written a few guest blog posts along these lines, such as how the Fox Sisters effected spiritualism's rise to prominence.

    Insights into non-magic interests of yours. Again, people like to see behind the curtain. Let them into a bit of your non-performer life as well.
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  7. My current blog is geared towards beginning magicians who want to become better performers and maybe even go pro! Not sure if it is up your alley or not, but at the very least maybe you will draw some sort of influence for it for your blog!

    Also if you every want to do a crossover episode or "collaboration." That way we can help promote each other's work! Let me know brother! And good luck! Hit me up if you have any questions!
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  8. I agree 100% I have 4 weeks of posts scheduled to release automatically so in case i fall behind i give myself room to catch up.
  9. that's fantastic, I'll do a few of these, and I'm already doing scheduled posts but it's a great idea.
  10. that sounds loke a great idea, I'd love to do a collaboration with you
    but I don't like your post where you teach a magic trick
  11. Understandable :) You don't have to teach magic. Advice for magicians may be more your thing than actually teaching tricks! :) Thank you for taking a look!
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  12. Yes it looks great!!!

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