Any magicians living in Phoenix AZ area?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mkitching, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. Hey i was wondering if any other magicians live in the Phoenix AZ area. Would be cool to know who is nearby and such.
  2. Heyo, I'm X.

    Nice to meet you.

    I live in the West Valley, and I agree, it'd be cool to see what other magicians are in the area.

    (Do you know any magic clubs or stores in the Valley?)
  3. Hey I live in the Scottsdale area
  4. Add me on Instagram @marcuskitching
  5. I live in the Queen Creek area. The only magic shop I know of is Wizard Magic Shop in Mesa but I haven't actually been there so I don't know what all they have there.
  6. Yo I don't know if this forum is still going but I live in Phoenix and would love to meet other magicians
  7. I live in the area want to try to meet up?
  8. Hey, I live in the Peoria/Glendale area and I would love to be able to hang out with some of you guys. You can follow my instagram @gregreyes874 and dm me on there
  9. Lit man what part of Phoenix? I would love to meet up
  10. I don’t have Instagram but it would be amazing to meet up with some other people.
  11. Do you have any social media or an email?
  12. Just FYI guys, you might want to send each other a PM. Especially if you're giving private info like social media handles or emails.
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  13. Thanks for the heads up
  14. Ayy I just saw this what's up I'm in the Glendale area. Went to Glendale High.
  15. I'm going to Raymond S Kellis right now
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  16. What’s up man I go to AAEC south mountain. Private message me if you wanna try to meet up
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