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  1. For a couple of months now I've been having an on and off again issue that only effects a handful of sites; my own eMail, Hulu, Facebook, and E being most specific. In short, they do not display properly and my eMail won't let me write & send messages.

    I've spent hours deleting files and images, movies, etc. this week and yet, it's back and happening. I've run two or three different virus scanners and found nothing. (I did the dumping on things because one of my games was screaming about Virtual Memory)

    I don't understand this stuff and desperately need someone willing to tackle it with me.

    IM or eMail me via my alternative address --
  2. It's difficult to troubleshoot without looking at it as it could be one or more of hundreds of different problems. I recommend a program called ccleaner, it's available for Mac and Windows and keeps most computers in check.
  3. Craig What web browser are you using??
  4. Firefox . . . I've had to use IE with a few things but it's changed so much since I last used it, I don't know my way around.
  5. WOW! Great call! Thank Formula
  6. install Malwarebyte anti malware. do a scan. and install Sophos anti rootkit and do a scan. Use Avast to do a boot time scan too. On and off as in your PC/lap top keep on restarting? or the page did not display properly? update your java and flash player. DO NOT use IE, it has major security leak and flaw. Your credit card could be at stake.
  7. I've not used IE for close to a decade if not longer for other reasons and I have been using Malwarebyte for the past few years with great success. I will look into the other two you mention here but the download suggested by Formula fixed the problem fast and with a speed benefit as well (pages load quicker).

    As I've said, I'm not very PC savvy and certainly don't keep up on things, mostly due to my ignorance on the subject and the fact that I don't trust myself when it comes to making related investments. But I am ever so grateful for the assistance I get from people like you all, when I ask. Thanks to everyone that's responded!
  8. My cure all for most nasty PC problems (especially virus based) is combofix. It can dig out some of the most annoying malware. However sometimes it's just your computer skitzing out and it's time to reinstall the OS.
  9. I hate it when that's the verdict. . . oi!
  10. Bizzaro. . . that's one heck of a fixer program. . . amazing!

    Thanks, man!
  11. Yep - if you're on a PC, definitely get some sort of virus scan running to be safe. With regard to web browsers, I highly recommend Chrome ( as it is now the most popular, and most safe, web browser for any platform. The best feature of Chrome is that it updates automatically, so you don't have to constantly download and install new updates like Safari, Firefox, and other browsers typically require.
  12. Well, I've been able to clean up tons of stuff I didn't know was there between CClean and a program Bizarro suggested but we're still having issues -- with Chrome I get tons of lag, especially when I'm on Facebook and for some reason my SKYPE interferes with it, so I'm back on Firefox the majority of the time, the only odd problem with it is I have secondary ad pages pop up when I click links . . . any link, such as a topic on a forum. When I'm on Chrome and visiting FB I get tons of advertising, especially when I click on images posted by others, and the only way to run them off is to shut down FB.

    I swear that a lot of this comes from Comcast manipulating things so that customers will up-grade. . . I wasn't having any memory or function issues until they started pitching this new faster, more dynamic system. I soooo wish I could prove that the case.

    Next step is to do a reinstall on the OS. . . I'm not looking forward to that headache.
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    I don't think reinstalling your OS will solve the problem. The problem is the amount of RAM (Random Access Memory -not to be confused with the amount of storage space on your hard drive) in your computer and your Internet speed. Skype takes a good chunk of RAM and uses a lot of bandwidth (i.e. share of your Internet speed). I suspect that FB takes a lot of those also.

    Additionally, whenever you start a new program on your computer, it often installs it in the start-up que - which means it starts when you turn your computer on and then stays in RAM. Other programs run in the background - especially anti- virus programs and updates. Many programs access the Internet to check for updates, further clogging your bandwidth.

    The answer is that your system (RAM and Internet speed ) was made for the type of programs that were around when you purchased it. The same is true with your Internet speed - it seems slower because there are more programs accessing the Internet at the same time.

    To test your Internet speed go to and run the program. That should give you an idea of your connection speed and allow to determine if you are getting the speed you're paying for.

    I have some other ideas, but they are easier to explain on Skype or over the phone.
  14. Glad that worked for you. What are the specs of your machine?

    Ccleaner is good for registry cleanup and killing annoying startup programs (Which is a good way to see if you have a virus issue or not). The other good virus killer is malwarebytes.

    If you really need to we can desktop share on skype and I can take a look at yer PC and see what needs to be done.
  15. LOL you dont have to skype. Avast offer a remote assistance(free), where you can control the other people PC with other Avast user. I recommended using Avast!! It is your choice too if you want skype ;)

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