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Any Suggestions on my Jeff McBride Card Manipulaton routine?

Jul 27, 2008
Geneva, Ohio
Hey guys! I've come up with my card manipulation routine and I need to know what you people think. I do have the 3 videos of The Art of Card Manipulation:D

I would Start with...

-Spring the cards
-Do an S fan
(Next uses my right hand)
-take 1/3 of the deck to produce a fan
-do a split fan production
-continue with a few single productions
-end with producing a fan of cards
-take 1/2 (secretly) of that deck and produce a fan
-use my left hand to produce a fan
-using a pivot on my left hand so both hands on my right side
-start producing single cards with both hands
-at the end, use both hands to produce the last bit of cards as fans
-take five of those cards to do the Thuston Five-Card Vanish and Reproduction
-(this is optional) ill get out a deck of cards, or make them appear and do the packet vanish at the end of the routine

I also need some suggestions for what kind of music i can use, my choices aren't that great. THANX =)
Sep 1, 2007
here's a suggestion. The fact that you had to write this stuff out obviously means you're not at the skill level yet to where you can actually shoot a video and SHOW us your routine.

the suggestion is: practice this stuff and show us a video. right now you're just another enthused n00b - which is good - but enthusiasm amounts to nothing unless you've got the dedication to hard work in order to make it a reality.
Jun 6, 2008

Or he realizes that its quicker to post a question, than to film, edit, post a video, and then ask the question...

Or he doesn't own a video camera.

Either way, assumptions on skill level seem premature, especially if its based only on the fact that someone hasn't posted any vids.

Sep 1, 2007
sadly, it happens all the times, n00bs get really enthused and their imaginations run wild, unfortunately they can't put all the months of practice into it that it would require to perform, so instead they post massively lengthly descriptions of magic tricks or flourishes. Sorry but I think it's a safe assumption in this case and 99% of similar cases. But, yeah, you know, I would absolutely love to be proven wrong. How about this Magicator - post a link to a youtube performance of your routine and I'll send you a couple free nice Q1 decks. Think of it as a commission ... you've got one week to claim it if you want it. This will also help you get alot of good criticism from people watching your vid too.
Jun 6, 2008

Gotta admit, what trashmanf said would be useful. Constructive criticism might help to shore up any shortcomings before a performance to ensure you really deliver the goods.

Sometimes, when we demo our tricks for friends/family, they're a little too "nice" on how well we perform. They might neglect to mention how many times we flashed, or weaknesses in our patter is excused for nervousness.

It would be a good trial run prior to going up on stage.

Sep 1, 2007
Los Angeles, California
Also... is it required to have 3 posts about him making 3 threads? Lol.

I agree with Trash on this one, it's kinda lame just to type up a description of your routine nor any "effect" you have created(in the magic section). Make a performance video and we'll judge your routine and your peformance at the same time.
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