Any tips on spoon/metal bending dvds/books

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  1. Well the title says it all. I've never done any metal bending so I wonder where is a good place to start.
  2. Check out Psychokinetic Silverware - Gerry & Banachek
    Then you can check out Liquid Metal Starring Morgan Strebler

    Those are the 2 main overall videos that will walk you through the basics and get you a pretty decent first routine. I say check out Banachek first because it explains everything Morgan's does, but does a better job at some of the techniques like the twist. I do like the routine that Morgan provides tho.

    Then from there on you can look around for different bends, or make your own up with the tips and methods you know. but for basics you check out that.
    If you are interested in broadening your metal bending, you can add coin bends to the mix. Check out worlds greatest magic, metal bending for some neat ideas using spoons, forks, nails and other things. For a coin bend check out Ben Earls Skin
  3. I'm going to echo what Chris said. Psychokinetic Silverware is probably your first, and best stop, followed by Liquid Metal, but I'm also going to suggest D Christopher's Metal. as well.
  4. Those are all excellent choices. I will throw one out there that some of you may not know. Guy Bavli's material is fairly strong as well.
  5. Yup, about to recommend the following, but you guys beat me too it! I've also recently started doing metal bending and I've been 'addicted' to it since day 1.

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