Anybody from Long Island?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bugboy, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. Any of you guys from Long Island?

  2. I'm in france but in 2001 i was in Coldspring harbour , it is a great souvenir !
  3. Yes sir. Born and raised in Suffolk and Nassau.
  4. far from it, I live in the middle of no where in the desert. I took a wrong turn in Albuquerque.
  5. Yes sir!....
  6. Would love to meet up with someone local to hang out and perform with!
  7. Ever been to ronjos?
  8. Ah that place. Danny you know how I feel about Ronjo's. But hey if any Long Island guys wanna get together and hangout i'm in. I'll even go to Ronjo's.
  9. Yeah dude I was just there recently actually. I'd be down to meet up with some of you guys there sometime
    when I'm back home on college break.
  10. Yeah maybe we can all meet up on a night they have someone teach a lecture. That's the main reason why I go there every now and then.
  11. When I was there I spoke to the two guys that run the place. They said that they have a club that meets the first
    Friday of every month I believe.
  12. From mastic/shirley!
  13. It would be cool to organize this. I'm a beginner at the moment, but it would be chill to soak up everybody else's performances.
  14. They do. Unfortunately I haven't been able to attend any from working horrible hours.
  15. It seems Ronjos doesn't have any lectures lined up so far. But the next magic club meeting is February 10th 7-10pm. It's $15 to get in if anyone is interested in going. I'm probably going to request an earlier shift to see what they do there.
  16. Im from new york

    New york Cubao

  17. Anyone here ever perform? If so please send me a pm.
    Thank you.

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