Anyone else having problems?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Phenomena, Nov 1, 2009.

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  1. I baught the download for genesis last night...after too much booze lol

    So it took about a hour to download, then when it was done, at 100%, the dl box just stayed there, not closing, for another hour....eventually i just turned everything off, went to bed, to retry in the morning.

    Sure enough i cannot re-download it because my ip is different than the one i had last night...

    wtf can i do, without waiting for another day for a responce from support (yes ive already made a ticket)

    any1 else have this problem?
  2. had this same problem trying to get some help also
  3. Thats all you CAN do. Just be patient. Or if you absolutely cant wait,PM john.
  4. Well.. You're not going to like this ... but you're going to have to wait for customer service.....The good news...T-11 has phenomonal customer service... Soon enough they will have you up and running... The moral of the story? Download before the booze fest .. =0) but definelty enjoy the booze fest
  5. For anyone having issues downloading GENESIS - simply shoot me a PM complete with your Order ID and the exact issue you're encountering. I'll get you setup. :)
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