Anyone know what's the name of this card?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by _xcmNigel, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    Anyone knows what's the name of this card?
    or the company name?

    so cool
  2. The design of the royal figures is the same as the one used in all the french decks !
  3. OMG! The joker is doing Five faces of Sybil!!!
  4. To be honest, this just looks like an artist's rendition of a deck, not one that is sold.

    I notice that one image of the Joker has been reversed/flipped. Not sure why.

    Perhaps it is a leak of a deck that is coming out? Leaked by the original poster (with one post).

    Where were these pictures found?
  5. Seeeeeeeeexy.
  6. well i see 'cage' watermarked or whatever into one picture. and the box kind of looks like it.
  7. the joker is lefty
  8. Amazing, i hope these are for sale at some point
  9. Just a thought, this guy has made one post and it's essentially three very large pictures of a new deck none of us have seen.

    Anyone thinking this is just sneaky advertising. Asking a 'question' just to get everyone intrigued.

    If it is it seems to be working...

    More flashy decks for people to waste their cash on in the misguided belief they are some how better for magic than a pack of bikes or tallys.

  10. Makes sense, but it sure as hell worked on me, these cards look great. I would have them just for the fact of having them not so much for performances.
  11. Somebody make these cards please!!!! that joker is sick
  12. I just like the elegance of the face cards to be honest. Even if it is sneaky advertising, I will be ordering these if they are ever sold. OH MY
  13. look into the french manufactures.
  14. Well, I would prefer to get Bikes for several reasons. I'm in Australia, and getting stuff from France can be a pain. Even bikes cost 10 AUD upwards here (8.64 USD, and the AUD is lowww at the moment). Also there are size/finish issues, and as far as I am aware standard French face cards are coloured differently from these. It's a matter of ease really. I have enough decks for now. I'm not going to put too much effort into buying pretty decks from overseas, considering the costs. However, Anglo face cards just rub me the wrong way. Why couldn't they be pretty, like most European standard faces? In short, I like pretty things, but not enough to put too much effort and money into obtaining them.
  15. darn. i always feel bad for the austrailian magicians. who have to pay way more than what i do for a pack of shotty bikes.

    i like the anglo face cards.... they're very similar to uspcc cards... but in a way more elegant
  16. So do I after I read she pays 8.64 for a deck. Here it's 1.89usd :/
  17. I die a little inside whenever anyone calls bikes "shotty" or something similar.
  18. bikes arent that great though. the uspcc is letting them slip. i agree, their better than some. but they're falling fast.
  19. Ill buy bricks of these cards ! The jokers are FTW material !

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