Anyone need a size 8 PK ring?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by cedwards90, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. Next week I will be getting a new PK ring since mine no longer fits well. Once I get the new one i will give the old one away to anyone who needs it, for free. I see no reason to keep it. So if you are a size 8 and are interested, let me know.
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    Shipping cost? If it's worth it to you

    That would be great if (not to sound greed or selfish) If I could have it. Do you have a picture?
  3. That would be great
  4. Ok ill PM you when i get my new one
  5. Thanks very much
  6. can i get it *smiles cutely*..ill pay for shippiingggg
  7. Shipping pry won't cost more than a dollar....
  8. Wow, only $8 for the magnetic ring on there?! And $15 for rings with an N50 rating?! That's awesome! Totally making an order from there at some point, as my last ring (one of the new Wizard PK rings) started to like corrode or something inside of the band. I'll go for one of those N50 rings on that site, see how they are, seeing as they're only $15. :)

  9. They are great for the price, i have never had any problems with the 8 dollar one. And it has been dropped several times and survived unlike many others. Also it is very strong compared to the ones ive tried.
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    I got a 7$ one from there awhile back. I wore it everywhere, and it lasted for at least 6 months, until it broke.

    On topic, how the heck could you grow out of a size 8 ring?
  11. The average male ring finger is a size 10. This is why jewelry shops tend to carry only size 10 for male rings, and will send it off to get re-sized if you don't fit into that average.

    As to how he could "grow out of" a certain ring size...on average, a person continues to grow significantly until they hit about 18 (again, it's just an average, so some people stop growing sooner, some later). My guess would be that cedwards90 is approaching, or around that age. :)
  12. So, basically you think he could be going through puberty. There is nothing to be ashamed of.
  13. No, not puberty. I'm talking about the natural growth that takes place from the moment of birth, not a growth spurt. You do grow before you hit puberty, and continue noticeably growing after puberty for a short while.
  14. A ton of things can change the size of your fingers. Gaining weight, losing weight, change of occupation, change in exercise habits, etc. My right pointer finger, for instance, is 3 sizes larger than it was two years ago, and I'm coming up on 30.

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