Anyone Perform Card to Ceiling?

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    Im just wondering how many people perform card to ceiling at all?

    Ive created a new version and im interested in creating it into a e book since I have been performing with this method for over 2 years and im wondering if its worth it?

    The new card on ceiling idea uses the card box and allows to freely pick one card and place it back into the deck. You show the box to be completely empty then you hand the deck and the box to them. Then they can shuffle the deck and place the cards back inside the box as well as closing the lid and handling the box themeselves. You then proceed to take the box and throw it up at the ceiling where their signed card within the shuffled deck melts through the deck and the box and ends up stuck to the ceiling.

    There is no palming and your hands and your completely clean after

    Im just trying to myself out there as a creator and I would love your feedback.
  2. that sounds pretty sick man, you have any performance footage of it?
  3. The last time I did a card on ceiling I got in trouble, I broke one of the cieling tile things. I haven't performed it since, that was five years or so ago. Your version sounds pretty baller, but I can't shake the feeling that I have seen this before. Good luck with the release though if it goes through.
  4. i never heard of it...i seen quite a few card to ceilings...that doesn't ring a bell...message a cardist and see if they have seen it before...try lee asher, he's the john madden of cards....
  5. You know the guy to ask would be Michael Ammar. Fire him an email and see what he says about it. He may know of any similar versions as to what you describe.
  6. You might have seen this before because I used to have footage of me performing it live but then got bashed on by a bunch of magicians for it being fake, which it was not the method is just really clever(well i think so).

    I hae taught others todo ths for free and i have also share my ideas with David Forrest which he seemed interested in my method/idea.

    In all due respect I want to get ahold of Michael Ammar and ask him if he has seen any other similar methods.

    Thanks for your opinions

    I will tr to gt another performance up and hopefully I wont get bashed this time.
  7. I'm thinking about adding a card to ceiling to my ACR..I've been changing my ACR around non stop to find the perfect one.
  8. I have performed card to cealing maybe once or twice at most. I never performed it very much
  9. Hey everyone, Ryan and I have been friends for about 2 or 3 years now and hang out a lot. HE brought this Idea to me and we both worked on it. He wanted a CTC that used the box and a rubber band. I helped him out a little on how to improve it (which wasn't much since it looked AMAZING anyways) and helped him with the handling a little. We did shoot a video for this and, of coarse, It was bashed on and was said to be FAKE. I assure you that this is a SIGNED CTC though box and rubber band. Ryan has 3 variations on the CTC.


    Justin Way

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