Anyone seen that green & white book that just came out called Rune’s World?

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  1. Has anyone seen that green and white book that just came out called Rune’s World? It’s about the magic of Rune Klan.

    As a professional magician in NYC, for awhile I have felt jaded in that I am only exposed to the magic in my own city. While I have attended a few conventions most of my exposure to outside magicians and especially international magicians is through conventions, books and dvds. Well several years ago when Josh Jay’s Talk about Tricks DVDs came out, I saw one of the strangest magic effects I’d ever seen, where Denmark magician Rune Klan brings out a beat up looking pad, shown to be a very used and oversized notepad with a bunch of beards draw on each page. A spectator calls stop as Rune flips through the pages and a page is opened to show a beard and two seconds later that same beard is now on Rune’s FACE! How cool, different, and creative. I viewed the rest of the dvds, looking out for more of Rune’s effects like that, and all I found were very technical but clever coin routines, and while I consider myself fairly proficient with coins, I was seeing subtleties, sleights, and presentations for coins that I had never seen before. For a good reason, they had titles like: Coins going through the floor? A pen and cap routine where they both end up on Rune’s face (which by the way was the starting point for Rick Merrill’s Grand Prix FISM Act)? Is it possible to add an extra phase in the “card shooting behind the back gag” that makes the original STRONGER(in my opinion)? And a matrix and coin and bottle routine that are EXTREMELY deceptive and magical.

    Well at Magic Live! 2009 and The IBM/SAM combined convention I saw the material live in person. I met Rune saw in Rune’s hands the coins melting and being produced in the most elegant way I’ve ever seen with seemingly no conscience effort at all. I should mention he did a few gags with some socks at Magic Live! that brought the house down, but hey when the Danish guy on stage asks an audience member to choose between two dirty socks you can’t help but look and wonder what the heck is going on?

    Without reading the book, I already know that Rune is very dedicated to his work, I assume he is practicing and constantly thinking about magic, and his demeanor on stage and in person makes it even more fun to watch.

    I watched the free download from Vanishing Inc. and after seeing his stage work, I’m already inspired on new ways I can give my audiences the time of their (and mine) life, which as a professional magician is what I demand no less of myself. While I generally work in the family entertainment market, I know better than to duplicate his style, material, or use of language (I don’t speak much Danish!), but when I see someone from a different country than mine perform some of the most creative material I’ve seen to constant laughter, you have my undivided attention for sure.

    I received the book today, I flipped through it and see a beautifully done(Josh jay), beautifully written, well illustrated (Tony Dunn), and did I mention that the close-up material are in 5 WELL organized and structured Acts, or that the entire stand-up show is in comic book form, that’s right, comic book form. And there’s an even explanations in his stage show as to WHY each effect is where it is, and how it sets the tone. Truly different. Just watch out for jokes about porn, tampons, and some of the most inappropriate jokes I’ve ever heard (from an American point of view on what’s appropriate on the stage).- which is why there is a disclaimer and this book is being sold to ages 18+. But for me those jokes and gags that could easily cross the line, are very refreshing in that they are dirty jokes but in good taste and are presented very well, if that makes any sense. Rune in the book and interview on the dvd talk about how he fell in love with comedy because of the honesty of it. (And as a comedy magician myself, I feel the same way).

    Alright, now I have to stop this, so I can actually read through and devour this book!


    By the way, if you didn’t get the memo Rune just performed one of the tricks in the book for the Queen of Denmark. (Something about a signed slice of ham appearing inside a roll of bread from a shoe that was just on fire!) Don’t believe me, check it on Youtube or vanishing inc.

    Rune, Josh, and Andi- good stuff! Keep it comin’.
  2. Rune Klan is an AMAZING magician i absolutely love his work one of my all time favourtie magicians. The book is highly recommended.
  3. You guys can't imagine how big a celebrity he is in Denmark (his home country)..
  4. Oliveras is right - I don't think you guys realise how much of a celebrity Rune is in Denmark. Everybody knows him! He is the funniest guy ever.
    He is a "comedian" too, and has been in several stand-up shows, his own magic-shows, and on two seasons of a sketch-show called "Tak For i Aften" / "Thank You for Tonight" (sloppy translation maybe).
    I seriously feel bad for you guys, because you don't speak danish.. :(
    You are REALLy missing out on something, let me tell you!
    Even when there are subtitles on his video's - like in the clip/preview you can download for free on Vanishing Inc. - you are probably only experiencing half of the funny-ness, because of the weird danish humour and all that.

    I recommend you all to buy his book with companion DVD, and also his excellent coin-magic DVD "Three Pieces of Silver", you will NOT regret it!
  5. Ive heard good things about Rune..
  6. Rune's World

    Wow jrmagic! What an awesome review of this book. I got the book a few days ago and have been flipping through it the last few days glancing from effect to effect and I enjoy reading at night so last night at midnight I layed down to "start" the book and read for maybe a 1/2 hour or so then fall asleep. Well.... my class this morning at Purdue was a struggle to say the least since I fell asleep at 4am with a pile of coins next to me! I consider myself a card guy and I know how to false transfer and j-palm and do flicker and 3/4 across (greg wilson) but really... thats it... and now I'm hooked on coins!!! The moves that Rune has come up with are incredible. You would read an explanation and say "thats not possible to do with your fingers!" and then through the great explanation and amazing illustrations... five minutes later you are doing them. Sure the coins are talking like crazy right now, but they ARE possible. Before reading this book, I always left the house with my deck in my back left pocket, real mans wallet in my back right, cell phone front left, and keys front right.... but now.... I'm not leaving without at least three pieces of silver! lol Thanks a lot Rune and Josh :p

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