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  1. Can you give a brief description of what I'm supposed to be checking out? For some reason it doesn't want to load for me. At all. o_O
  2. "This revolutionary new sleight by underground card expert Doc Docherty will fit right into your repertoire. It's a switch of a card that is outjogged from a fan that is so fooling and so useful that even the best card technicians are raving about it. We give several applications, but know that you'll find dozens of your own too.

    As a bonus, we're also including Doc's breathtakingly visual Zoso Change. It's the kind of move that other magic shops would charge you $15 or more to download. With Vanishing Inc. it comes included with the Groove Electric Switch to create a collection of amazing, versatile card magic."

    It's pretty looking, don't know how much it costs, but I wouldn't spend more than around five bucks for it.
  3. It only costs $10, just click the add to cart button to see the price. I think it would be worth the ten dollars, its a pretty cool switch/color change, plus you get the extra Zoso Change out of it as well
  4. 10 bucks is pretty steep for such a limited change/switch even with the zoso, also the im pretty suspicious of how practical getting into the setup is as its never shown on the video, it always starts with the fan already displayed. i think i'll wait for some reviews or maybe a price reduction
  5. I got this about a month ago. It's good, quite fun to practise. Getting into it isn't a problem but finding applications for the move is quite difficult. He goes over a few and also gives you some extras to think about.

    It's worth it now though, seeing as I paid 25 bucks for it. I did get a DVD with it aswell, not sure if you will get that as my purchase was a limited edition.
  6. what are your thoughts on the Zoso change?
  7. Getting into the Groove Electric

    Hi guys. Just wanted to say thanks for those that are enjoying the Groove Electric Switch.

    Just wanted to give some more info on geting into the move. The actual setup for the Groove is taught by learning the DASSUP, which is my all around square up. This can be used to get into the Groove or as I did when I created it was to use the DASSUP as a steal. The getting into is easy and is just as deceptive as the switch itself. (see August issue of Genii for a collectors routine with the DASSUP as a steal) and if you check out you tube you will find a video from me that shows the getting into the Groove with the DASSUP

    I hope this helps.

    Thanks again,

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