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  1. How many flourishes are on it.
  2. Lethal

    Are you looking to have it on the PC, or on actual DVD format?
  3. umm i got an idea, try buying it and finding out yourself =]
    its a great dvd by one of the best
  4. i know its well over 20.. originals and variations.. i remember on the scene selection there were about 4 per screen and 8 screens

    BTW, good luck finding a copy ;)
  5. Well, that is kinda hard to say. Becuase, it has like 3 foundation moves and all the others build off those. It has a lot though. Enough to keep you busy for a LONG time. I've had Lethal for like half a year and I'm still trying to master all the moves. It is such a good DVD. Rival to The System.
  6. Care to sell me a copy? :)
  7. A lot of flourishes are on it. He starts with the simple ones and move on to the harder ones.
  8. Yeah, he teaches the basic flourishes first, which are kinda the basis for the more difficult ones. There are around 20-25. Not entirely sure.

    Good DVD though. (Y)

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