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  1. Can anyone tell me any good magic shops in NYC? This is my first time going, (sometime next month! :D) and sadly where I live (Illinois) their are no magic shops in the entire state! So if anyone could tell me any good ones it would help a lot, thanks in advance!
  2. Fantasma is cool.
  3. Tannens Magic Shop is great :)

  4. Never been, but I hear remarkable comments about Tannen's.
  5. Tannens was great when I visited in January, I believe the guy behind the counter was named Steve, same as mine :p

    Very friendly and helpful! :)
  6. Like everyone else is saying, Tannens is great. A little expensive, but that's retail for you.

    Mike is usually the one behind the counter. He's a pretty cool dude. Also, if you know who Spencer Peterson is, he works there on weekends I think.
  7. TANNENS!!!!!!!!

    I went there when i was 13 and thats when i got into magic. My friends have also been multiple times and everytime they come back with some great stuff. Awesome shop.
  8. Could of been Mike... For some reason I thought it was a Steve, maybe that was someone else, somewhere else... Who knows! It was my first time there and maybe my last, unless I go all the way to NY again in the near future! :)
  9. Yeah Tannen's all the way, I went there a couple weeks ago, and everyone was very friendly. They recommended some stuff, and even performed a few tricks for me. All around great shop.
  10. Actually, there are quite a few magic shops in Illinois.

    PJ's Trick Shop
    Ash's Magic Shop
    Chucks House of Magic
    Dallas & Company
    Magic, Inc
    Midwest Magic
    Hampel's Magic Center.

    In NY:


    hope this helps!


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