Apollo Robbins on the Science of Misdirection (Forbes)

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  1. Gentleman Thief and theory11 artist Apollo Robbins is featured in three Forbes.com videos today. Apollo's unrivaled skill as a pickpocket is dissected with particular focus on the science of misdirection.

    Apollo discusses his background and how he got the name "the gentleman thief" - as well as touching on the basics of how cons and scams work.

    Of course, no interview with Apollo is complete without showing his skills firsthand. In one video, Apollo takes reporter Josh Wolfe's pen right off the table.

    In another video, he kindly "borrows" Josh's wallet, cell phone, and corporate American Express card - which is later revealed inside of Apollo's sock.

    See details and links to all three videos just posted in the news section.
  2. those were very very good.
  3. I couldn't think of anything more beneficial for anyone in magic at the moment than if Apollo Robbins were to write a book or discuss on a DVD solely about the subject of misdirection.
    Just from talking for a few minutes very briefly in layman's terms in those interviews, I have begun to seriously assess how I can increase a spectators attention, where I want it and how I can do this. I thought those were fantastic interviews, I'm glad I saw them. :)

  4. do we still quote for truth around here? if so. quoted for truth!
  5. Wow. That was very intellectual and though provoking. I always love the intellectual aspect of magic. I wish more people discussed it.
  6. He has like a 20min 'lecture' on mis-direction somewhere. I remember watching it.


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