Apparently I can Hypnotize People...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by William Draven, Jun 6, 2010.

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  1. Funny story, figured I'd share it with you all.

    I was at work today and towards the end of the day one of my co-workers was complaining how she's been dead tired all day but now that she's off she can't make herself take a nap. She had a hour to kill until her ride got off work.

    So I offered to massage her shoulders. As I was doing so I took control of her breathing and slowed her down. An important step to falling asleep, in-case you didn't know.

    I asked her to just imagine herself as a pitcher of water, and let the water slowly drain from her head to her feet, and out her toes. I asked her to relax her body as she went. Before any of us realized it I had her in a trance. Nothing woke her up until her ride came to get her, and I asked her to come back to me.

    I don't believe in hypnotism, but this was certainly a real experience! Maybe I should consider adding this to my act?
  2. I don't think this would work on everyone. There are people who are much more open to this kind of stuff than others.
  3. Cool

    That's interesting lol. I agree that it might not work on everyone, but it would definitely be nice if it did. If you can get it to work on other people under other circumstances, then I would definitely add it to your act.
  4. You should test it out on other people and see what happens. Maybe, some random people too not just family and friends.
  5. Will,
    I would probably go through all of the proper training before introducing hypnotism into your act. I have a buddy that thought he could do it and messed a girl up bad.
    She was an emotional wreck and he had to take her off stage and meet with her for a half hour after wards to calm her back down.

    Also...I know the girl probably gave you permission at work but be careful of sexual harassment charges at work. I've seen something as small as rubbing shoulders or a quick comment come back to bite two of my coworkers. I am are union rep and had to step in.

    Just lookin out for ya bro.
  6. Man, What did he do in his act that shook her up so bad? Must've been a wierd moment in the show :(
  7. I'm not even close to an expert, but I'm guessing the term 'abreaction' applies here.
  8. That sounds awful. I saw Anthony Cools perform and I have to admit the guy did a pretty good job. I agree you should look into training. I think it would be awesome to learn how to hypnotize.
  9. Yeah hypnotism can be pretty cool when done well. Just keep in mind that there's no definite way to hypnotize somebody, some things will work on some people and not others. Also, everybody acts differently to it. Some people are very suggestible and will enter trance easily and some people never will. And also, if someone doesn't want to be hypnotized, they won't. The most important part of using it for a show is finding the right people.

    Also, rapid inductions seem to be the ones that are popular and people market but they don't always work. Putting someone in a deep trance properly will take time.
  10. Yeah, I have no plans on actually pursuing hypnotism as part of my act. I was more marveling at having successfully induced a trance on someone.

    I know about sexual harassment dangers, Good looking out though
  11. lol @ thread title. :p

    You don't believe in hypnotism? I guess that's a rather empty statement in and of itself. I don't think that it is "real" so to speak, but suggestibility, the right setting, and other hypnotic elements can have a significant effect on a significant percentage of people. Of course your not really controlling them, but if they believe it, and they want it to happen, it will happen.

    From my understanding of the process, it would be wise to contact someone locally who has experience with it. It's one of the more risky areas of magic/performance, but if you're into the style, pursue it!
  12. Thats cool dude I agree with krazytim if its sparked your interest you should keep going. My pops is a comedy hypnotist and hypnotherapist ( so if you have any questions ive seen enough of his shows and asked him enough questions so I can help guide you to start out. And a few things I've seen and learned just to clear things up with people is that everyone yes i mean everyone can be hypnotized. they just have to want to be it can't be forced :D also people think that hypnosis is like being tranced into some kind of weird state of mind but all it is; is being relaxed. easiest way to explain it is like meditation so thats probably what you did was put her in that form of a trance which yes is hypnosis so you can hypnotize people :D. Last thing is what reverhart might have been explaining bc i have seen this happen if some people have a mild case of skitsofrenia it can trigger that and make it become a mild to a large case in seconds its weird idk why but it can happen so you might need to learn how to control that ya know but like i said any questions let me know and ill tell you where to properly start learning this stuff
  13. The thing about hypno is : IT ONLY WORKS IF THE SUBJECT BELIEVES IN IT.
    So Everybody can hypnotise people. Just need the right subject.

  14. hypnosis is a kind of play cant hypnotize people to commit murders and stuff.There is this conversational hypnosis thing on the internet.Is it all a scam or is it worth the money.
  15. to be honest...Hypnosis frightens me a lot...

    I am very scarred to try it out by myself...I do have some routines in my show that could be qualified to the spectator`s eyes as hypnosis...but in reality they don`t...
  16. You did not take control of anything. Nor is this something you want to claim. If this woman develops any sort of breathing issue - you are now on the hook.

    You did not hypnotize her. You relaxed her. What you did was nothing more nor less than the standard progressive relaxation exercises they present in beginning theater classes - coupled with a shoulder massage.

    Is this something you want to add to your act? Well, if you think an audience will pay to watch you rub other people's shoulders, sure.

    For the person who claimed belief is required in a subject for hypnosis to be effective, I encourage you to look at actual studies on this.

    I have been performing as a hypnotist for over 15 years now. I have been studying it even longer. I do not believe that hypnosis is a special state, nor do I believe that the hypnotist has any power or ability over that of his volunteers other than those granted to him by them.

    Consequently, making claims that you are "taking over" is the height of irresponsibility.
  17. brad your about as wanted as a wet blanket. Way to be a kill joy on my musement of a situation that just developed as it did.

    get off my back I can't stand the weight of your ego
  18. haha way to ruin the fun. good job.
  19. Yes, making claims that offer you and other hypnotists up to liability is a hoot. Let's do more of it. Let's encourage people with no training, knowledge, or respect for their audiences to try things for their own 'musement be implying that what you think you did is easy and fun. Let's ignore the fact that statements like this become the fodder for law suits. Hey, it's all in good fun. Why try to understand how the world works when you already know everything, right William?

    It's not about ego, my friend. It's about looking out for people who might make mistakes from listening to unfounded advice.
  20. what part of I'm done with you in this thread do you find it hard to understand?
    must you have the last word? You just killed the innocent marvolings with your holier than though approach. Oh yes brad calling me irresponsibile is a sure fire way to get me to respond nicely.

    forgive me oh great grandmaster of hypnotism for even accedently stepping on your sacred ground with out the proper training. How stupid of me.
    I'll just go back to my tarot cards and leave you to your playground. I'm so not worthy to even warrant a reply from you.
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