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  1. Hey Everybody,
    like the title of this theard is there a trick where, lets say a magician pulls out a piece of paper. Has an audience picks a card shows the paper blank the audience member can examine it then. Some how eventually the symbol (outline) of their chosen card appears on the paper? Basically the oppisite effect of Sympathetink or Inka.
  2. Watermark sounds like the idea you're going for... not exact, but similar.
  3. You can use Sympathink to actually bring out the outline of the card, not entirely difficult.
    However, there are many effects out there that can do that, including Watermark, Liquify, etc.
    If you don't own that, there are ways to achieve that with simple principles too.
  4. Spellochange sounds similar, but it's done with a pack of cards, not a piece of paper. It's available here at theory11, I'd recommend looking into it if I interpreted you correctly.
  5. You can just switch the paper for one with the symbol already on it, say with a stack of papers and a double lift or a billet switch.
  6. Benjamin Franklin did that trick about 250 years ago using lemon juice, a quill pen and the heat of an oil lamp. .. (invisible ink)

    You could use a Himber styled wallet/portfolio to make a switch (it's been done), an A-B Chemical technique (also been done). . . it's quite easy and was even done with photographs (look up SPIRIT PHOTOGRAPHY but check out the Thayer Illusion by said name).

    All of it is possible if you are willing to do the research and experimentation required for making it so. The hard part is to make your version unique and unlike what came before it.
  7. Wow Thanks everyone for all their help umm I heard lemon juice is still visible and the old techniques you are talking about make it 80 percent invis. so if a spectator were to inspect it they would still be able to see the mark paper. Ill still do research like you said Thanks everyone so much.
  8. Are there any other tricks like Watermark or Liquify, Both similar effects that I wanted it but I think its kinda messy.

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