Applications for the Undercover Switch

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  1. Can anybody give some suggestions on where i can use the switch? I can do it perfectly but cant think of a trick to use it in
  2. It is used in Hofzinser’s Aristocrats which is an on demand video from

    Change by Tony Chang uses the move as a cleanup

    In the instructional video for the undercover switch a few applications are taught
  3. Search for his Notes

    Card work, Card play. It comes with a DVD of performances and it is all about the undercover switch and many many applications.
  4. I was a bit disappointed with this move. I bought it because they said it would work as a replacement for your DL but really it isn't. I requires a setup and a DL doesn't.
  5. Well it accomplishes the same thing as a double lift. It can be extremely useful in certain situations. Also its what 4 bucks? I dont see much to complain about
  6. I'm a huge fan of the Undercover Switch. I use it in a standard transposition effect. Spread the cards (masking the 'setup'), have a card selected, and perform the move from there.

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    the setup is so natural. Its like a top change or half passing one card. Even effortless misdirection like not looking at the deck when you do the setup is sufficient.

    Unless your talking about the setup for the setup. Lol thats a different story.

    I think an elegant approach to the switch is just as a casual color change. A lot of magicians will do color changes in an off the cuff manner, sometimes without a selection.
  8. Try the Ambitious Ego effect presented in the download. It pretty much just uses the Undercover Switch and some other basic sleights.
  9. It can be used as an add on.
  10. Anything Kostya has put out deserves to be read and studied. This no less.
  11. The downside is he doesnt teach the effect. I know it uses the swith the entire way, but it seems to be a slighty large set up, and it would be nice if he explained the effect and gave pointers on it.
  12. its not the hardest to figure out if you play with the cards a little. I use the switch to get an odd backed card signed without a force

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