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  1. Could anyone tell me how to approach a restaurant that I want to work at (doing magic)? I have a book on that sort of thing but i feel it might be a little outdated.
    Help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. I think this is the first thread EVER about this topic!
  3. your book is not out dated, trust me on that. Read it and applies the concept.
  4. should i send a written letter or an email before hand?
  5. Here's what you should do before you even think of approaching the restaurant. Simply go and eat there, don't mention that you do magic or anything like that. Just go to the restaurant, eat and observe the staff and the place. Then when you are done, leave and be on your way.

    This will help you decide if you want to work at the place and also will give you a sense of the vibe of the restaurant and also tell you if they are a dead place or a busy popular place. (You don't want to work for a dead place.).

    Next, I'd suggest you call the place and get some basic information about the place. Is it Corporate owned, as well as simply complementing the General Manager and boosting his/her ego. Once hat is done, send a letter to the place telling them you had a good time etc etc and don't mention magic or anything like that. Wait about a week or so and then show up during the afternoon and talk to the GM in person and do your pitch.
  6. Randy is correct. You want to go stake out the place once or twice first. See if you like the atmosphere. Find out the GM and just talk to him and not even mention magic yet. Compliment him on the food / restaurant. I'd take a group of friends with me and start an impromptu performance but get some people at another table to see what is going on as well. Hopefully their reactions draw some attention to you. Now all of the sudden the staff and GM want to find out who you are and might approach you.

    Garrett Thomas told me that you want to become friends with the GM. He works 6 restaurants.
  7. I highly doubt that book is outdated, many sales and marketing principles that work haven't changed much in the past 50 years. As Rick suggested, get to know the General Manager, and his restaurant. People will ALWAYS buy from a friend before they buy from a sales man.

    The two points of contact you want to focus on is either the General Manager or the Store Owner. Sometimes they can be the same person. AVOID Corporate chains like Applebee's for example. They are often controlled by a corporate office, and seldom have the freedom or ability to book entertainment for individual stores. However there is something to be said about contacting the corporate office, via their District Manager and getting a contract approved for entertaining for the entire district. More stores = more pay, but it also means more work. If you're just starting I encourage pursuit of mom and pop or franchises where there are private owners.

    There's some wonderful advice on the forums too if you want to search it out. Ignore Steve's comment. Sarcasm never plays well on the internet. I've got several essays posted, as well as an ebook on the Wire that touch on this subject, and I'm not the only one either. There's a lot of good info that has been submitted by qualified individuals. Best of luck to you!

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