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  1. Checked out the new Arcane cards coming to E on Oct. 27th. They sort of have a cool look to them.

    Sorry if a thread was already made on this and please do not turn this into an E bashing thread.
  2. I must say, I'm intrigued by the look as well. I will wait for the nearby shop to get them in before I buy tho.

  3. I'm definantly getting a black and white one when they come out along with Black Tigers, Vipers, Shadow Masters, and Ghosts.
  4. how much are they going to cost?
  5. Probably 7 to 9 dollars, just like E's other custom decks. However, I hear there's a 3-D effect on them, as well as these cards being the most hyped-up E cards, the price may meet and/or surpass $10.

    I may get some, but I'll stick to getting my two-packs of Bikes from Wal-Mart checkouts.

  6. Can you guys post a link?
  7. Quoted in concurrence

  8. Glad that they're making them in white as well; I'm sick of black faced and backed cards that are always coming out. I'm intrigued.
  9. they will cost $6.99 on Ellusionist, and they will give you disacount if you buy more
  10. Quoted because 1412004 is the only person to do their research before saying that these things might cost more than $10 per deck.

    You, friend, are the kind of person that keeps this world from tearing itself apart with stupidity.

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    Thank you 1412004 & Lyle.

    6.99 per single deck - same as Tigers and Shadow Masters. However substantial discounts apply for 3/6/12 deck bundles - buying as a brick will have these being the cheapest [Black] deck put out by Ellusionist.

    CardClips are also going to be available with the Arcane AoS etching, in either Red, Grey or Charcoal. Of course, being E, Arcanes will also be available as invisible decks, rising card decks and strippers. Release date is 27th October.

    As requested, more info and pictures on link, here. There's also a quick review on the Cafe if you're interested.

  12. I really want another great White deck like the Ghosts from E, Im sick of this Black deck stuff. But I will get some of these they sound alright.

  13. Ta Daa!


    Ask and ye shall receive. Arcane's are printed in both black and white, with subtle design differences between the two. Unfortunately, this pic (from George's review on the Cafe) doesn't do the design justice. The close-up 'teaser' shots on the product page (link in my above post) shows a much better side to these things.

  14. I actually didn't see a price the last time I checked. Hmm. My bad.

    And I don't appreciate the fact that I "tear the world apart with stupidity". It was an honest mistake, so let's leave it at that.

  15. I may get a few bricks of the white decks. They do look pretty phenomenal. I appreciate artistic value and wouldn't mind handling these cards if they're as good as everyone says they are. I have to admit, I'm very impressed with the designing of these cards-- and I'm usually not one to fall for hype.

    Unfortunately, it looks as though the colors are altered on the faces of the cards. This was always a characteristic I disliked about custom decks because it made it difficult to use commonplace gaffs such as commercially-made double-facers and mis-pips without having to make my own. Hopefully, they can print an assortment deck to match the design of the Arcane Deck, much like they did for their other custom cards.

  16. They look like a mix between ghosts, shadow masters, and 1800s. Neat.
  17. well if theory11 kept the white cents. then there ya go but they didnt, I would have bought douzens of 'em but no they just had to discontinue them. :(
  18. HA, these cards look sweet and I'll definately be picking some up
  19. I got to play around with these decks a few weeks ago...They look SICK! The finish is pretty good, i like it. The jokers are intense! The only problem, the cut was off by a bit...Could just of been the decks i was playing with. I hope so.

    I will deffantly buy a couple decks when they come out!

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