May 27, 2017
No, not the international symbol of badassery referred to by mortal men as "sunglasses", I mean the almost as badass Aviator Playing Cards first introduced to the public in 1927 (can't wait for that 100-year anniversary).

I've spent 9 years doing magic, mostly card magic, and have only ever used bikes, aside from the occasional e-deck or t-deck. Shocker. I've recently attempted to rectify this, so once a month I buy a brick of classics that I've never used before. Bees. Tally-Hos. And now Aviators.

I've been handling the Aviators for a few days now and they are by far my favourite cards of all time:
  • -They're smooth like butter
  • -They stay smooth like butter
  • -even after being handled for days, and dropped on the floor ad nauseam
  • -They feel plastic, but like in a good way
  • -I wonder if they're waterproof
  • -I work in a bar and sometimes keep a deck of cards on me, but one splash from the sink is all it takes to ruin my cards
  • -and my day
  • -The plastic-y feel makes the card really stiff
  • -which is the only time years of hand-strength training is properly rewarded
  • -They are slightly harder to tear than regular cards
  • -Also the stiffness prevents that annoying corner-bend you sometimes get when palming one card
  • -In fact, it almost entirely eliminates any visible bend caused by palming
  • -There's just something I like about them
  • -Plus the box is cool
My question is this - are they plastic? I ripped the ad card in half and the inside isn't. They feel plastic without apparently being plastic. Is it the finish? Also, what finish do they use, does anyone know? It doesn't say on the box or online.

Brb, I'm gonna go check if they're waterproof
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