Are Daniel Madison's notes a good buy?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by gasponte, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. im thinking inbuying the daniel madison notes but i want to know if they are worth it
  2. I got both one and two and I really didn't like them, but thats just my opinion, I have heard good things about them from other people.
  3. YES! YES! YES! Well, his first set of notes anyways. I LOVED them. His second set was okay, but involved too much "risky" stuff in my opinion, but maybe you like that kind of stuff. I also have his Outlaw notes which are amazing as well. I have reviews on One and Outlaw posted on this forum actually if you want to check them out.
  4. Definitely. RyanSkype, you must be out of your mind!!!!!

    Both notes have some AMAZING and ORIGINAL effects.

    Go for it, they don't cost too much.

  5. Get these for sure, enough said.
  6. I can't speak of his notes but I can speak of RIP. It's literally a bad method and is very risky for the gimmick can fail during the performance and leave you looking pretty stupid. Just be careful. Luckily Daniel gives a couple of methods to use if one doesn't work for you but there still not for me. Hope this helps.:)
  7. Shane, maybe you can't perform the effect correctly? If so ut's a bad reason to trash a good effect
  8. i have RIP as well and i find the gimmick quite bad,,, but as for ONE and TWO they are fantastic personally i liked ONE alot better than TWO
  9. I agree that ONE and TWO are worthy buys; perhaps not for the full routines, but definitely for the concepts or as inspiration. I own both, and am not dissatisfied at all.

  10. ive got all of his pdfs and there all great. even if you dont like them they have great concepts and ideas that can help improve your game. i love RIP, and all i gotta say is if you dont like madisons methods for it, challenge yourself and come up with a better one. i know i sure did.

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