Are My NOC v3 Marked?

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  1. Hi all,
    I've just taken up magic and in particular card tricks as a hobby.

    I am disappointed in not being able to read my Marked NOC V3 decks. Some searching around the internet leads me to believe that the clue is in the corners being round or pointed. Well I've looked (even with a magnifying glass) and I cant see any differences??

    So that leaves me with 3 possibilities

    1) Series 3 are not marked.
    2) I have counterfeit cards
    3) And probably the most likely -I'm going blind :(

    Can anyone throw some light on the subject please.

    If this website allows, I could upload some pictures?


  2. I wish I could help. I have no clue. But I can pray that you are not going blind.
  3. No rules against it, but you can probably get a much quicker and more accurate answer by contacting Blue Crown customer support. They know exactly how their decks are marked, and how to read them, because they printed those cards. You might find someone here who knows, but you WILL find someone in their support team that does.

    // L
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  4. I am an old-timer and remember being taught the way to spot a marked deck is simply riffle and watch the backs.
    Present day Marked Decks are so sophisticated - the markings are so subtle and ingenious - that is no longer a 'rule of thumb'.

    The idea and creativity of these clever methods to marking are fascinating to me.

  5. Many thanks for your replies.

    I have emailed The Blue Crown with pictures to see what they think.

    In the mean time I have uploaded the pictures with this post for your purusel .

    In the pictures are all the 4 aces.

    Spades are are meant to have 1 pointed corner, Hearts 2, Clubs 3 and Diamonds 4.

    Can you spot the difference???



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  6. I see no difference. And I wonder why it is not in CHaSeD order?
    That sequence is simply odd. As a child, I had a deck of DeLand cards - it was a marked stripper - and the pattern for the suits _was_ a rotation on the CHaSeD but they supplied a great little mnemonic (that I can still remember - almost 50 years later):
    Deland Cards Have Superiority
  7. I don't see a difference.
  8. The order is done on the idea that The Spades have one point in its pip, the Hearts have 2 points on its pip, Clubs 3 and Diamonds have 4 .

    Glad I am not the only one that cannot see a difference, maybe I'm not going blind after all .

    Will let you all know what Blue Crown have to say about it as soon as they get back to me.
  9. Is the Top Right the Ace of Diamonds?
  10. If I remember the order was as above with pic 98 being a Heart and ending with 101 being the diamond.

    Even if they are marked, there is no way I could have a casual glance to tell what they ar e without giving the game away.

    Still awaiting for The Blue Crown to reply.
  11. Yeah. They're definitely marked. I'm pretty sure the one on the top right in the picture with four cards is the Ace of Diamonds, because it's the only one without curved corners, you can also see that picture 101 has no curved corners too.
    You might have to zoom into each corner to see though. It's definitely not the sort of system that will work at a quick and casual glance.
  12. Wow, you must have extremely good eyesight, ill check again.
  13. Thanks!
    Try comparing the bottom right corners of pictures 99 and 101. You might be able to zoom in better if you view it on a mobile phone.
  14. I know this is a bit late but by the quality of the pictures I do see subtle differences in the corners, probably easier to see in person, but they are quite subtle, I have the snow leopard limited edition nocs and they are marked and I’m pretty sure they are v3’s since they came out in 2017, so I’m pretty sure your v3’s would be marked aswell, I don’t think they’d just stop their marking system of a new realease of decks!!
  15. It is tough to see in the pictures, I don't like the yellow against the white. But I think I could see the marking in the last picture. I use Black NOCs often because I like the marking system, but I couldn't see it well enough to tell you yes or no.
  16. Yeah looking at your photos I think they are marked. Pictures are a bit fuzzy on my phone but here is what I see.
    Top left Spade
    Top Right Diamond
    Bottom left ... not sure... could it be a joker?
    Bottom right Clubs

  17. Actually... I have a bunch of NOC originals (the latest version) and I am now able to read them really quickly. Once used to it, they are easy to read.

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