Are Star Wars Cards Limited Edition?

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  1. Hello all,

    I'm sorry if this question has been answered elsewhere on the forum. I am curious to know if the Star Wars cards will be produced forever or are only a limited time production. Are most cards at Theory11 a permanent stay?


  2. MOST print runs are "an order" that the magic house purchases by contract with USPCC. If Theory 11 "chooses" to do a second print run that will be up to the permissions they have with LUCAS film, how well the decks sold and if they think a second run would be worth their time and money.

    Typically these orders are a "one and done" type thing.

    I'm pretty positive they won't be produced "forever"

    I would assume MOST people who order these decks are collecting them and NOT using them for cardistry or magic, which means there won't be a big demand for people to buy them a second time.
  3. @Magic Orthodoxy pretty much hit the nail on the head here. We don't have one deck printed at a time, we print them in large batches. It is an investment every time we print a deck. Any deck we have ever printed we know would sell again if we brought it back - we have to decide what the best decks to print are.

    If we say a deck is a limited edition, it is going to be a single print run. When we are out, we are out. This means we decided up front that the deck was best used as a limited time product.

    If a deck is NOT limited edition, we will continue to print the deck as long as we feel that reprinting the deck is a good choice. An unlimited deck could only have one print run if that is what we feel is best, or it could have dozens of print runs.

    Star Wars are not limited edition decks. We will print them as long as we feel that it is the right call for our business, and so long as we still have licence to use Star Wars IP.

    There is no such thing as a "permanent stay". Every deck will be stopped at some point. Some just last a lot longer than others. Star Wars are still a hot deck for us, and have already had multiple reprints. I don't have ANY expectations that we will discontinue them anytime soon.

    // L
  4. When you say that you print them in "large batches", what is the typical size of a single print run, and how many are produced at a time?
  5. We don't release print run quantities, but it can vary anywhere from near the USPC minimum to quantities in the many thousands of decks.

    // L
  6. What currently is the USPC minimum, Lyle?
  7. I believe the new minimum print run for USPCC is 2,500

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