Are there any magicians banned from Vegas Casinos?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lkl, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. say are there any T11 artists not allow in some major casinos??
  2. I really want to walk in a casino one day and just start doing a sybil or something. I'll be lucky if I don't get tackled.

    Supposedly casinos have a list of people to watch out for. I'm sure chris kenner would have a hard time getting into a casino, since he's pretty well known down there.
  3. I know for a fact that D+M is.
  4. David Blaine said he was banned from gambling, but not from the casinos. That's when he went in and met these two girls. It was one's birthday, and he said he would get her a gift. They went and played roulette, and he just watched, and they won like $10,000.
  5. yes, they do have 'blacklists' where if you're written down, you are banned from the casino. but they cannot put you in it unless you are accused, and proven guilty of, cheating
  6. Casinos do have watch lists though. If you are a known magician... I've heard it won't even be fun gambling because you will have people CONSTANTLY watching you.

  7. Like in 21. :D
  8. Is anyone into card counting ... if so .... talk to me .... I am.
  9. Im into card counting... I can say for sure that there is 52 cards in the deck without jokers.:p i counted them
  10. You can be banned from a casino for any reason they see fit. They don't need to accuse your or prove anything. If you are just lucky you can be kicked out for winning too much. They may not even suspect that you are cheating. they have to protect their investment.

    As far as magicians being banned. I don't think that Chris Kenner would have any problems getting into a casino. If you have money they would love to have you. Since a casino is such a controlled environment, even if you are good at gambling slights it would be hard to execute any of them.

    Plus the people working there know what to look for and just because you can do magic or Sybil that doesn't mean you can cheat at cards, and im sure security knows that. Unless you are actually cheating at cards or known for cheating at cards i dont think you would be banned.
  11. Yes there are lots of them.Obviously,not just magicians but people that know the sleights ect.
  12. I think Daniel Madison is banned... Not quite sure ;b
  13. In D+M's One notes he had a testimonial for each trick, one being;

    "You're banned from my casino for life!"

    Unless that was made up, hes at least banned from one casino.

  14. I think that was probably made up, but I'm sure he is banned from one or two. :p

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