Are there different types of cardistry?

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  1. HEY,
    I shifted from card tricks to cardistry with Genisis v1 and loving this art. I am liking flourishes like Giant fan, shuffles, cascade, friffle, Waterwheel, spreads way over the multiple cut flourishes like Sybil etc... So is there any name for particular type of rhythmic flourishes like the cascade??? And where to proceed where I can find more flourishes like the ones I like to perform rather than lightspeed cuts??
  2. Here we go. Here's the different categories of moves:

    - cuts
    - fans
    - spreads
    - aerials
    - twirls
    - cascades
    - shuffles
    - isolations

    And for the record, nothing has to be done at light speed. Some flourishes look better when done faster, some better slower.
    What matters is that you do a flourish at 'even-keel' speed.
    If you want to perform flourishes slower, go right ahead; take a fast flourish and knock the speed down a bit.

    I hope this helps
  3. Thanks, do u know what's XCM?? Xtreme card manipulation is cards try? ?
  4. It is. Look up Ekaterina. She did a lot of XCM way way back when

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