Are these tricks worth it?


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Aug 31, 2007
Sudden deck is amazing and a visually interesting prop that hooks audience attention. While it can be used close up, it's more designed for a standup performance. I really like it.

Not familiar with fragment, but it looks a touch angly, but doesn't look too bad. Looks like close up/camera would be much more impressive than doing it stand up. I notice in the video they don't show the setup/get ready.

For me, I also prefer to not ring gimmicks in and out. With SD, the gimmick is justified coming in and then is just a box so it makes sense to put it away after. Not sure how the fragment gimmick would work.

Fragment looks a bit more versatile in the applications though. If you were using it for magic on your socials, then you could use it in a bunch of ways.
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