Are we really going to let this happen?

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Sep 1, 2007
Porthcawl, Wales.
A couple of days ago a new release was published on the wire called Don't Blink by Pestritu Cristian. Upon viewing it, I knew I had seen the exact same thing before. A quick search and I re-found this effect, Diffused by Will Tsai

Viewing the videos you can see that the effects are identical in every way, even down to the camera angle, the DL, the method... everything. I spoke with a few people and got referred to a message board where Pestritu Cristian posts. There, I posted on the thread the link to Mr. Tsai video leaving an open question to see whether any act of plagiarism was going on.

PROOF:: I was pretty damned shocked to see HERE. [url removed.][/B](his user name is "plmplm111"), after looking through some of Pestritu's past posts on the board, Pestritu himself, had made a thread, asking to expose Diffused by Will Tsai.

I confronted Pestritu about whether he had garnered permission from Mr. Tsai himself, he said he had and he had email proof to show it. This is his proof.


Now, where on this email, does Will Tsai say anywhere that he gives his permission to let Pestritu Cristian steal and release his effect, Diffused?

Kevin Schaller (Creator of Xbox, Encore, Break etc.) contacted Mr. Tsai directly through Facebook, informed him of the wrong doing. Will Tsai responded, expressing how upset he is that this has happened and has shown that he wishes that this be removed from sale. As seen here:


Pestritus areguement, is that because Mr. Tsai hasn't released it yet after he saw it "5 or 6 months ago", regardless of whether has permission or not, he whole heartedly believes he's well within his rights to release it as his own effect. Sure this is just ethically and morally wrong on so many levels, right?!

I mean, just because I seen the Daniel Garcia wallet in Blackpool '09 and he hasn't released it yet... that doesn't mean I am well within my rights to steal the idea, replicate it and then release it as my own. It's just plain wrong.

So in short:
  • We have proof that he seen Diffused by Will Tsai previously and was asking people how it was done.
  • He then figured it out, filmed it and released it on The Wire.
  • Sent one email to SM Productions about the effect but did not get any permission from the creator, Will Tsai, to release it as his own effect.
  • Contact has been made with Will Tsai, who has expressed his dismay and has shown that he has not given permission for this to be released.
  • Pestritu Cristian has refused to remove this from sale.

So, everyone, what do you think should happen with all of this? Do you think that blatant theft in this way (with all the evidence to prove it) is fine and that nothing should happen? Or do you think this needs to be removed, effective immediately, any money made from it thus far should be refunded or give to Will Tsai himself and full apologies given?

Throughout all of this, Pestritu Cristian has shown no remorse, has no idea that he is in the wrong and is just become damn right rude now. You can see all of the "action" unfold HERE [url removed.]

What do you guys think?


P.s. I haven't posted this in The Wire section as I believe it's rightful place is here, as we're discussing a matter of ethics and not The Wire.
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Lyle Borders

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Aug 5, 2008
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Hey guys,

We are currently working with both Will and Pestritu concerning this matter. It will be resolved between the two artists, as it needs to be, as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, I am locking this thread, as it will accomplish nothing more than create a fire. The matter is being resolved now.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a PM.

Thanks guys!

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