Are your Bee cards traditional cut or modern cut?

Jul 6, 2021
Hi everyone, I ordered some Bee No.92 decks from T11, as T11 said , they are all modern cut. However the USPCC responsed me that all the bee No.92 cards they manufactured are traditional cut, except if requested for a modern cut. So I am confused. Can you guys share some of your own experience with me whether the bee cards you bought here were modern or traditional cut?


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Jul 25, 2015
All Bee's I've ever bought have been traditionally cut, though it looks like I last got some from T11 three and a half years ago.

Where did you see that T11 says they are modern cut?

In other news, the Bikes from T11 all seem to be traditional cut these days.
Jul 6, 2021
I send an email to T11 to confirm the cutting of the bee cards, they recently replied me that they just misunderstood my question. So now it's clear that the bee cards from T11 are traditional cut. And I'm really glad with that.
Mar 15, 2018
It's worth mentioning that Bee cards and Bee stock isn't the same thing.
  • ● Bee-branded cards are one of USPCC's brands, and part of their casino division of playing cards. They no longer allow custom decks within their Bee brand ([URL='']source[/url]).
  • ● Bee stock (now normally referred to as Premium Stock) is USPCC's casino grade stock that customers can use for custom playing cards if desired. The other main stock option is Bicycle Stock (now normally referred to as Retail Stock). Both stocks also have a further option to be crushed.
Due to the machines they use and the way the cutting works, a modern cut is USPCC's default for most playing cards they produce. They only uses a traditional cut by special request, and it typically costs more for the creator.

However, casino decks are typically traditionally cut,. Since USPCC has decided to not allow custom decks within the Bee brand, and the Bee brand is now used exclusively in their casino division, all USPCC's Bee branded decks are traditionally cut by default. Custom decks with Bee stock, however, will use a modern cut by default, unless the customer has paid extra for the traditional cut.
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