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  1. I see everyone is running low on Aristocrats. Will there be more available/printed in the future?
  2. My experience is that when a Theory 11 deck is listed as "sold out" it means just that* and there won't be any more printed. Fortunately, there are still many to be had at very reasonable prices on ebay. That will not last.

    *Although, presumably, they could pop up in the archive at some point.
  3. This is a good question for Lyle Borders. Maybe email and ask? Couldn’t hurt. Once you discover the answer fee free to let us know.
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  4. US Playing Card does not print these cards very often. If they run out, it can sometimes be a while before any retailer (like theory11) can buy more. We have blue in stock right now, but are out of red. We will get more red as soon as more are available from USPC.

    // L
  5. Thanks for the response. I was wondering if I needed to stock up if they were not going to reprint them, they are such nice cards for the price.

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