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Armando Lucero, Dan White, BJ Bueno, Travis & Yves - The Dominican Magic Show


theory11 artist
Aug 31, 2007
Eugene, Oregon
Hola T11,

Master magician Armando Lucero, Bolivar J. Bueno, Dan White, Travis & Yves are performing in a special magic show called Curiosidades in the Dominican Republic. This is the first magic show that little island has ever seen.

If you're not in the Dominican, then you might not hear about this. But in order to promote the show, the whole crew performed on the national television show Entrevista's TU MANANA. Bolivar sent me the clips, and now I share them with you.

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Part 1 of the Curiosidades on TU MANANA
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Part 2 of the Curiosidades on TU MANANA
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While it's in Spanish, it's still worth watching!



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Curiosidades - An evening of intimate magic and illusion.

Curiosidades celebrates its gala premiere on January 8th, 2010

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic --January 3rd, 2010-- Teatro Le Fiesta and Renaissance Jaragua Hotel y Casino celebrate the gala premiere of 'Curiosidades.' This is the first of its kind, an unprecedented live magic production, in the Dominican Republic.

The Curiosidades Show features five expert magicians including: Dan White (The Magic Maker), Armando Lucero (The creative expression of magic as art), Travis & Yves (The spirit conduits) and Bolivar J. Bueno (The intimate illusionist).

"The Dominican Republic has never seen a spectacular show like this before," says Bolivar, "and it's time to share our style of magic with this small island!"

Unlike traditional magic-themed shows, Curiosidades transcends all preconceived notions of what it means to be emotionally engaged by the arts of mysticism and illusion. Delve deep into a spectacular new world beyond imagination. Feel the thrill of being face to face with the improbable, communicating through a universal language, and be amazed by these artists who carry you to a truly special place.

Curiosidades is presented in the Dominican Republic's most prestigious theater - Teatro Le Fiesta. Tickets are on sale now.

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* Friday January 8th, 2010 - 8:00pm
* Saturday January 9th, 2010 - 6:00pm and 9:00pm
* Sunday January 10th, 2010 - 6:00pm
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For additional information, please visit
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