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Armani Cards Review

Mar 9, 2009
Well those Armani Cards I was talking about came in and well hers a quick review as promised.

The box:

One of the best boxes I have even seen. It looks really cool, but its kinda hard to open. The flap is all the way inside the box so you really need to dig your fingers in there.

The looks:

WOW! The backs of the cards just looks so cool, and luxurious. Unfortunately they are one way. The fronts of the cards are all black with white pips. The Royal family are photos of models but the Jack is a picture of cologne. The ace of spade is just a normal ace with a spade in the middle. The pips are all really cool looking and have a bit more flare to them than the normal pips.

The feel:

Well there no Jerry's Gold Nuggets...... They are made from some cardboard like stalk but are very smooth (they feel sort of like aviators when you first feel them). The fan is as good as any normal bicycle deck and the spreading is okay.


I would say they are alright cards if your a magician then no complaints they are really cool and I have had a few spectators say "what you have armani cards, didnt even know they made cards", I was able to do every color change I know without any problems. For flourishing, well there not that cool but doing big displays with cards like these looks really great. So I would rate them a 6.5/10. So is it worth to buy it? Sure, why not, they look cool and you don't need to use them with fast company so its all good. Well any way thats the review thanks, I'll try and put up some pictures later.
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