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  1. Hey guys punk here, it's been some time since ive posted mostly due to the fact i was at vacation at charelston beach, SC, but now im back with something i call army of two. In a quick rundown what army of two is, its my shot at making a DVD, more then likley it'll just be a test thing and will be givin out for free, So into the actuall explanation of army of two, my friend Danny (Angel), and i are huge fans of dan and dave so we got together and decided how could we do tag team cardistry like them? It took us some time but we've come up with 7 diffrent moves that you and a friend can do together along with that if you dont have a friend into cardistry we will be including 2 moves you can do completly by yourself, and there will also be an extram part which i call 5ive, it a rundown of it, its just floruishes you can do with a pack of gum. So i'd like to know what you guys think, thank you and goodday.
  2. It sounds pretty awesome. So it's flourishes that two people do together? I've always thought it would be awesome to do something like that.
  3. Yes, both of us being fans of dan and dave buck we wanted floruishes we could do together, if you would look at the split spades preview that is what were hoping to happen.
  4. So are you planning on putting up a video or maybe putting something up on the Wire? I'd really like to see it :)
  5. Soon i will post a video preview in the media section as well as a free tutorial of one of the moves 5ive.
  6. interesting!
  7. It sounds like a worthy project to undertake, but I would consider altering the title a bit. Ellusionist produced a video a few years back called Army of 52 which was a tutorial on how to use their gaff decks. With a name like Army of 2 you may evoke misunderstandings or confusions with that other product.

    Otherwise all the best to you!
  8. INTRODUCTION- Traped, there is no way of getting out of this, you and your trusty partner are going to have to do this the hard way, welcome to ArmyOfTwo

    Hey guy's gues who's back? I've been gone for so long filming and editing and such over the past couple of month's, myself and danny have put alot of work and effort into this project, it will be available for a download for free, we both decided since it was the first time we had under gone something like this we didn't fell right charging anyone since this is just a test run to begin with, it will be a download only thing however there are 3 actual DVD copies that will be given out through some contest's that danny and i will hold personaly, with those contest's you will recieve a DVD copy signed by both danny and i, and as well a free deck of silver monarch card's. The whole thing will be released on 12/12/12 of this year, we thought about releasing it earlier but chose that date because it may be the last time we see something that cool, below you will find a description of what is on the DVD.

    -Signature Moves
    D&D- Imagine a move where a deck of card's is taken out thrown into the air and kicked to the back of your partner's hand.
    Sniper- this move both danny and i are extremly proud of, inspired from Patrick Kun and Andrei Jikh, a card is freely selected then the two kings are shot off and produced in a flourishe, you partner stands away from the deck and you spring the card's he then throw's the two king's into the deck and they have traped in a sandwhich your selected card, much like a sniper this is difficult and involve's extreme persision.
    Dueling- this is a fun thing more then a actual piece, it is very fun to do around friend's, both you and your partner name a place of the bodym you then take your card's and step 7 pace's away from eachother and proceed to throw the card's until one of the named spot's is hit.
    Lion&Tiger- much like the beautiful and fierce animal's themselves this flourishe is difficult and a great end display, imagine that you and your partner are going back and forth such as a battle almost and in the end both of your deck's come into a beautiful 20 packet display when conected together.

    -Bonus Feature's
    5IVE- some easy cardistry with gum.
    WonderLand- join danny and i as we take you through my parent's unecceserily large garden where we filmed the DVD itself.
    Amaryllis- much like the flower we show you the logic and planing behind this, the time it took us to learn and practice these move's.
    4A.M.- here you see some extra footage of danny and i up at 4 in the morning doing the best we can to get this together.

    *NOTE soon there will be a video preview of the DVD that will be posted so you all can see what your up against*

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