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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by princeholiday, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. Does anybody know Arnaud Chevrier? I seen his youtube videos and he is one of the best sleight of hand artists I've seen. What's ya'll opinion on him? and his card magic?
  2. I've seen Arnaud Chevrier since like 2004 or something when he posted on MVD. He has the best version of the McDonald's Aces I've ever seen and I'm sure everyone will say the same if they saw it. It is so well thought out with the setup and he also has a wicked version of the Invisible Palm Aces.

    He is definitely a sleight of hand master and I surely do hope to see him around these forums or post new stuff up on this site.
  3. Yeah......
    I don't think Arnaud is gonna come here.

    He is obviously very skilled, and I hope continues what he is doing.
    I wish all magic videos looked like this.
  4. Arnaud Chevrier is God. 'Nuff said.
  5. Never seen him before until just now.

    Wowww... :eek:

    || sean ||
  6. OUCH!!! This guy is painful to watch! One of the best! He seriously fried me with his Invisible Aces and the Matrix routing.
  7. He goes by the name Twins on MVD and has 57 videos online.
    All of them are very good.
    You can save the videos at MVD for later offline viewing.
  8. I learned Invisible Palm from an old forum I was on a couple of years ago. Killer sleight of hand...however I really feel bad about myself when I watch him :/
  9. His doubles handling is very impressive to say the least
    smooth and very well orchestrated.
    Most of his routines are nice because they do not require any talking and can be done to calm music.
    I personally like his ace assembly the most. *and his wild card (both versions)*
  10. I met Arnaud in Paris at a cafe in 2003. I was sitting with Bebel and one of my friends and he stopped by. He's a student of Bernard Billis, which probably accounts for the proficiency of his double work. He does nice work. So does Bebel; it still amazes me the level of technical difficulty of the stuff Bebel uses on the street.
  11. Arnaud is fantastic and i always see inspiration from Arturo de Ascanio in his work. Hope he keeps it up.
  12. Did a search on this forum before double posting.

    Has anybody heard of any new updates on Arnaud Chevrier since the last post of this?

    He's is absolutely an amazing technician with cards. I've always admired his handling on effects. I don't know if he's come out with any dvds, because he should be famous. Totally underated.

    Arnaud Chevrier with cards = Ponta the Smith with Coins

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